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Maria’s Recipe Index

Buttered Eggs
Huevos Rancheros
Pancakes From Scratch
Sour Cherry Sauce & Breakfast Parfait
French Toast
Creamed Chipped Dry Beef on Toast
Banana Maple Parfait
Almost Apple Pie Parfait

Side Dishes:
Rice Pilaf
Maria’s Mexicali Beans
Fries from Scratch
Red Beans & Rice
Maria’s Favorite Organic Baked Beans
Beans & Rice
Cranberry Sauce
Quick & Easy Couscous
Brussels Sprouts That Anyone Will Eat
Salt Potatoes

Main Dishes:
With Meat:
Shepherd’s Pie with Mashed Potatoes on Top
Curry Chicken from Scratch
Buffalo Wings
Hot Italian Sausage

Ardie’s Pasties
Chicken & Gravy in 15 Minutes
Mrs. Cinquino’s Italian Sausage Stuffing

Maria’s Fried Country Chicken
Ardie’s Garlic Chicken

Quick & Easy Lemon Garlic Chicken

Roast Goose
Organic Bratwurst Burgers
Ardie’s Ham Glaze
Healthy Organic Philly Cheesesteak
Cornell BBQ Chicken
Basic Quiche
Cod Fish Cakes
Lobster Roll

Without Meat:
Manicotti From Heaven
Maria’s Old Tomato Sauce
Very Green Pesto
Marinara Sauce III
Zucchini Delight
Maria’s New & Improved Tomato Sauce

Candy Easter Egg Nests
Pumpkin Pie
Strawberry Whip

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake
Campfire Treats
Sober Fruit Cake
Easy Summer Fruit Pie
Sour Cherries with Rose Water

Cheese Crisps
Organic Stealth Popcorn
Homemade Crackers
Crispy Tofu
Tomaquet- Catalan Tomato Bread

Cheesy Cowgirl Cornbread
Buttery Biscuits in a Snap
Tomaquet- Catalan Tomato Bread

Salad of May: Watercress with Walnuts and a Citrus Vinigrette
Salad of June: Mint and Peas
Savoy Cabbage with Anchovies and Hot Peppers
Chopped Summer Salad
Greek Salad

Quick Carrot Salad

Pickled Red-Beet Eggs

Deviled Egg Salad

Sweet & Sour Tomato-Pepper Salad

Raw Asparagus Salad

Autumn Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Venison Chili
Pennsylvania Dutch Ham, String Bean & Potato Soup
Summer Gazpacho
Oyster Stew
Minestrone Soup
Turkey Soup
Summer Vegetable and Elk Meat Soup

Hot Apple Cider

Ice Cream Float: Chocolate Milk
Ice Cream Float: Tangerine-Pomegranate
Ice Cream Float: Apple Cider
Ice Cream Float: Cranberry

Ice Cream Float: Orange Cream

Ice Cream Float: Fizzy Sparkling Water Lemon

Ice Cream Float: Blueberry

Ice Cream Float: Coffee

Ice Cream Float: Grape/Purple Cow
Ice Cream Float: Mango
Ice Cream Float: Pina Colada
Ice Cream Float: Mojito
Fresh Lemon Soda

Iced Tea
Iced Coffee

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