August 12, 2010 • in Organic Issues

A Visit to My Kitchen: Alison Grantham

Alison Grantham is in my kitchen today, sharing her insights from testing organic and chemical agriculture, and her surprising chocolate-and-vegetable guilty pleasure. Alison currently directs all aspects of the Rodale Institute’s soil-focused organic agriculture research program. Previously, Alison completed a …

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August 11, 2010 • in Organic Issues

Can Chemicals Be Washed Off Your Fruits and Vegetables?

I often get asked if you need to buy those produce washes to clean off your fruits and veggies, especially if they are not organic. My gut instinct has told me two things: One, a little bit of soap and …

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August 10, 2010 • in Gardening

Bronx Green-Up Wants New Yorkers to Make Friends with Worms

By guest blogger Annie Spiegelman, a.k.a. the Dirt Diva. Last month I had the privilege of signing copies of my new book, Talking Dirt, (Penguin Group, 2010) at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Am I shamelessly promoting …

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August 09, 2010 • in Organic Food

My Favorite Organic Baked Beans

My favorite picnic dish just got better. It was late. I was starving for baked beans and could have sworn I had my favorite nonorganic brand in my pantry. In fact, I thought I had a couple of cans. I …

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August 06, 2010 • in Organic Food

National Mustard Day! (My Top 5 Uses for Mustard)

Tomorrow, August 7, is National Mustard Day. Now, that’s something to celebrate in these hot days of summer. I like mustard. I especially like yellow mustard, but the stone-ground kind has its uses, too. I am thrilled that I can …

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August 05, 2010 • in Organic Food

A Visit to My Kitchen: Cynthia Lair

Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor and author Cynthia Lair is in my kitchen today, chatting about cooking curiosity and ditching the all-white diet. Cynthia on the faculty of Bastyr University’s School of Nutrition and Exercise Science, and is culinary curriculum …

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August 04, 2010 • in Health & Fitness

How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Apply sunscreen. Don’t apply sunscreen. Avoid the sun. Get more vitamin D from the sun.  Sunscreens are toxic and don’t work. Sunscreens are essential…what’s a person to do? Over the years, I have seen all the news and studies, but …

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