A Royal Wedding Bouquet

By guest blogger Mark Kintzel

The bouquet is an important element in any wedding. Here’s a fast and easy how-to lesson on making an organic flower bouquet fit for any princess. The flowers can be homegrown (as long as their blooming season coincides with your wedding date) or bought (search online for good sources). With a quick wrap and some special details, your handmade bouquet will stand out as a focal point of your celebration.

Flowers (we’re using White Roses, White Anemone, Sweet William, and Queen Anne’s Lace)
A florist’s sheers
Ribbon (we’re using royal blue satin ribbon that you can reuse)
A vintage brooch (I’m using a vintage sapphire and diamond brooch—kidding, they’re not real)
Green floral tape
Boutonniere pins

View the video for directions.

Place in water and keep in a cool location—out of direct sunlight. And with this bouquet, you’ll look as good as Kate Middleton on your wedding day.


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4 Responses to A Royal Wedding Bouquet

  1. Jonathan says:

    A thoroughly royal bouquet, Mark. Queen Anne’s lace, of course, but also sweet william was so called as a compliment to King William III, while white roses were the emblem of the royal house of York (Edward IV. Edward V and Richard III) – direct ancestors of Prince William. Sorry, I can’t find a royal reference to white anemones!

  2. Tony says:

    That chick’s a natural!

  3. Kay Kintzel says:

    Beautiful Mark!
    Where were you when I got married? lol

  4. Vanessa says:

    Fab demo, and I loved the blingy bits!!

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