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By Maria

whipped cream

How To Make Whipped Cream From Scratch

The other day someone who shall not be named showed up to a dinner at my house with the kind of whipped topping that squirts out of a can. It wasn’t organic. And I try not to judge. I ate it. But I thought to myself how easy it is to make it from scratch, […]

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Eat The Whole Damn Egg!

I’ve often said if nature made an egg with a white and a yellow, there was probably a good reason and you should not be afraid to eat the whole thing. But still, people in search of a “perfect” body or those who feel guilty about something else they ate either avoid eggs altogether because […]

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The Organic Label Needs Your Help

One of the things that stood out for me most about Standing Rock was that the indigenous people were adamant that they were not protesting, they were protecting. They were protecting the water, the Earth, their homes, and their future. With a new administration coming into Washington, the future of food, organic, and farming is […]

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The Healthy Alternative

We finally got a Whole Foods Market in our little area of Pennsylvania. Finally. Even though I live in the birthplace of Organic in America, and Whole Foods was launched in 1980, it took 36 years for it to find it’s way into my regular food shopping range. As you can imagine, since I cook […]

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thanksgiving gratitude

5 Ways Gratitude Starts At Your Table

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and a post-election cloud of tension hovering over the world, it’s easy to get lost in our own stories, our own fears, and our own problems. As of this moment, it’s too early to tell whether health insurance costs will go up or down, and whether we will recover […]

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Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen Is Moving! Join Me in My New Location

Dear friends, loyal readers, strangers among us, and anyone who happens upon this page now (late-summer 2016) or into the long distant future, you can now find me, and Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen, on my new space on Rodale’s Organic Life at Think of it like this: With the upcoming launch of my book […]

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Shepherd’s Salad, Fresh from the Garden

The other night, I went to a Turkish restaurant for dinner and ordered Shepherd’s Salad, which is a perfect and refreshing salad for summer. But as I was eating it, I became sad because I knew at home there was a fresh cucumber I’d harvested from my own garden and tomatoes ripening on the vine. […]

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How To Weed—These 10 Tips Are All You Need

The other day, I was driving to work and had to drive around a giant truck spraying herbicide on the side of the highway. OK, I was already in a bad mood, but still, seeing it spraying the weeds with chemicals made me cry. Real tears. Now, imagine if they were doing it the right […]

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