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Slow Fashion Spotlight: CP Shades

by the Rodale’s team Founded more than 30 years ago and produced in Northern California, CP Shades is one of our favorite slow fashion vendors. Why? Because, as they say, “What you see is what you get.” CP Shades uses 100 percent natural and sustainable fabrics to create elegant, timeless handmade products that are meant […]

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Detoxing the Catwalk

by guest blogger Julia Westbrook, assistant online editor at Rodale News The clothing you wear has a larger price tag than what you see when it’s hanging on the rack—it comes with costs to the environment, too. Unsustainable dyeing and processing practices in the fashion industry have had a major impact on water pollution. So, […]

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My Top 13 Favorite Slow Fashion Brands

I’m happy to report there are a burgeoning number of apparel brands that marry integrity and style, each with their own unique twist on caring for both people and the planet. These companies are not “posers” doing something “ecofriendly” because it’s trendy or it’s cool. All these companies are the REAL DEAL. Here are 13 […]

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Slowing Down Fashion

by guest blogger Marci Zaroff, ecofashion pioneer, founder of Under the Canopy, and president of Portico Brands “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” —Gandhi Over the past two decades, I’ve been on an eye-opening journey. Pulling the curtain back on the fashion industry, I’ve uncovered that it’s the second largest polluter […]

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From Slow Food to Slow Fashion

Carlo Petrini began the “slow food” movement in 1986. When this international campaign was created, springing from the desire to protect local food cultures and emphasize the pleasure of food over the immediate gratification (and often resulting regret) of the growing fast-food culture, Carlo’s ideas sounded idealistic, and perhaps a bit unrealistic. But three decades […]

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Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet: Celebrating World Oceans Day

by Maria Luci, editor at Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen and Rodale’s We do a lot of applauding for “green” these days—especially at Rodale’s, where green is a way of life—but tomorrow, we invite you to spend some time honoring another color: blue. June 8 is World Oceans Day—a day for celebrating our amazing oceans and […]

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36 Million Dead Chickens Can’t Be Wrong: The Bird Flu Blues

I am not a specialist; I am a generalist. But one thing we generalists have over the specialists is that we tend to see the connections between things a lot faster and more easily than specialists do. In fact, sometimes it’s so easy for us to see the connections that the specialists think we’re stupid. […]

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Cotton: The World’s Dirtiest Crop

by the Rodale’s Team This month Rodale’s is commemorating our second anniversary! To celebrate, we want to share with you a little information about the traditional second anniversary gift of cotton. For us, any cotton gift must be organic cotton. Why organic? Because in today’s world of “fast fashion”—where trends change quickly and clothes are […]

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