DIY: An Easy Holiday Hostess Gift

By guest blogger designer Mark Kintzel

I think the great variety of little trees and topiaries available at local florists and nurseries make perfect holiday gifts.  However, often, the containers they come in aren’t that attractive, so I’m going to show you how to dress them up.

Here’s what you need:

A nursery-potted plant (I like rosemary topiaries, Alberta Spruces, and Golden European Trees, which are in the cypress family)

Old flannel shirt(s)

Twine or ribbon

A plastic bag

Pinking shears or scissors capable of cutting fabric.

Watch the video clip to see how easy this is!

This is a great touch for presenting a festive holiday plant, and it allows you to reuse an old shirt (or any interesting-looking fabric) rather than throw it away. You can even slip a gift card in the pocket!

To care for the plant, keep planting mix moist. Place in bright indirect sunlight indoors, and after the holidays, transplant to a larger pot or plant outdoors when the weather’s appropriate (see the care card that comes with the tree for details, or check


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11 Responses to DIY: An Easy Holiday Hostess Gift

  1. kao says:

    Mark you are flawless and hilarious!!
    Thanks for the laugh and the great idea

  2. Nancy says:

    Love it, Mark!

  3. Lisa says:

    Hahahaaaaa!! I love it! Excellent idea! :D

  4. Donna in Delaware says:

    That was funny! I usually use raffia to tie mine, but it starts to look so nice when I’m done with it, I end up keeping the plants myself and decorating the kitchen windows with them. I know, shame on me. I topiary them if I can and place them in a Italian or Portugese ceramic pot. Beautiful.

  5. Mary T. says:

    What charisma! You are a natural in front of the camera and on your way! I really liked the product too.

  6. Helen Nelson says:

    Mark you really are becoming quite a star!! love your videos.

  7. Kay Kintzel says:

    Mark you are just too funny. Loved the great gift idea and also loved the Kintzel humor at the end!! WHAT??????? :)

  8. Donna Witherow says:

    “SUPERSTAR” Love your sense of humor…….

  9. robin says:

    very cute
    but I’m going to try it with my husband’s retired red silk boxers….; )))
    I’ ll get a picture ; P

  10. Renee says:

    love it!

  11. James Early says:

    Great idea, Mark. But my wife thinks I should get rid of shirts that are too good to cut up. What?!

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