Maria’s 5 Favorites: Gardening Fever!

Garden Fever

Thank goodness spring is finally in full swing! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the garden is calling.

The sunshine had given me a real case of garden fever this week. I can’t wait to finally dig into the organic soil again and to sit back and enjoy the beauty of my garden all spring and summer long.

That’s why this week I’ve chosen five earth-friendly garden-inspired favorites to share with you—just in case you’ve caught garden fever, too!

  1. Garden Backpack. Beauty and function combine in this unique, handwoven palm leaf bag made for the garden. Stay hands-free while you’re gardening (or shopping) by wearing it as a backpack, or carry it on your arm using the handy goat leather tote straps.E004930_E08_A_1
  2. Monarch Butterfly Scarf. Plant some milkweed in your garden to help the Monarch butterflies survive, then honor their beauty by wearing this super-silky modal scarf that features an oversized butterfly graphic. It’s part of a special Rodale’s collection featuring animals facing the threat of extinction.E004627_A01_A_2
  3. Abby Hat. Every gardener needs a good hat. I recommend this one. Thanks to a wide brim, it provides broad coverage from the sun, and a leather chinstrap helps hold it in place. Plus, it’s universally flattering and only gets better with time and wear!E004980_E08_A_1
  4. Gardening Clogs. Like a good gardening hat, a good, comfortable pair of gardening shoes is essential. These clogs are so comfy you may forget you’re wearing them! What makes them ideal for gardening is they have soft, strategically placed reflexology beads that gently massage and stimulate points on your feet, promoting healthy circulation and helping to alleviate foot and back pain. Plus, they’re easy to slip on and off—great for when you feel like slipping your toes into the dirt.E004992_B01_A_1
  5. Don’t Bug Me! Organic Insect Repellent Candle. Whether you’re out in the garden or just outside enjoying the fruits of your labors, keep unwanted bugs away from your skin by burning this organic candle. It’s made with a skin-safe dose of essential oils and is a safe alternative to chemical-laden sprays and candles. The synergistic blend of essential oils repels insects naturally and smells great!E004985_S37_A_1

Happy gardening!

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