5 New Superfoods for a Super You


by the Rodale’s team

What are superfoods, you ask? Well, they’re an amazing group of super nutrient-dense, natural foods that give you “more bang for your buck” nourishment-wise!

Many superfoods can help protect your brain and immune system, as well as fight inflammation and aging. Some of our personal favorites are almonds, flaxseed, and dark chocolate (duh!).

But we’ve also recently discovered some great new, more unusual superfoods to add to our diets that we wanted to share with you!

Here are 5 new superfoods for an even more super you:

1. Wildharvested Sacha Inchi Seeds. The ultimate snack for a supercharged lifestyle, this powerhouse seed contains an incredible 33 grams of protein per serving and all 8 essential amino acids, making it the perfect fuel for hikes and workouts. It’s the best vegan source of omega-3s on the planet and is sprouted and toasted at low temperatures to unlock its full nutritional potential.


2. Organic Raw Maca Powder. Maca is an adaptogenic root traditionally used to reduce stress, balance hormones, and increase energy, stamina, and libido. It’s cultivated at 12,000 feet, the highest altitude of any known cultivated plant. Maca contains 20 different amino acids and seven essential fatty acids, and is abundant in vital vitamins and minerals including B, C, D, and E, calcium, iron, and magnesium. It has a mild flavor, making it a low-profile addition to smoothies, hot drinks, and baked goods.


3. Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder. Reishi is revered in traditional Chinese medicine for combating stress and supporting the respiratory and immune systems. Because it’s a powder, this organic dried form of the medicinal mushroom is easy to add to your diet in juices and smoothies.


4. Organic Mangosteen Powder. Harvested in the tropical climate of Thailand, mangosteen is one of the world’s greatest superfoods and has been deemed “the queen of fruits.” This raw mangosteen powder is naturally rich in antioxidants and nutrients. For a boost, simply add it to your favorite juices, desserts, and smoothies.


5. Organic Yacòn Powder. This powder made from certified-organic yacón root is a low-glycemic sweetener with half the calories of sugar. It’s grown on a small farm in the Andes Mountains of Peru and has a prebiotic effect, which supports the digestive system. It can be added to all of your favorite foods, from smoothies and homemade energy bars to cookies and other baked goods.


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3 Responses to 5 New Superfoods for a Super You

  1. madelyn clair March 1, 2015 at 5:57 pm #

    Why do you have such a lame picture with this article. FOr example… it is an article about new superfoods and the photo features a bowl of bananas in the center. Bananas are not a superfood…. why are they in the photo?

  2. Paula Boucher March 1, 2015 at 6:14 pm #

    Because Bananas are a superfood

  3. Frederick July 19, 2015 at 8:09 am #

    There are a lot more superfoods available in the market today. Among them, organic Blueberry powder is something really special. I recently bought Blueberry powder from an organic food product seller in Canada, called as Giddy Yo Yo (http://www.giddyyoyo.com/portfolio/blueberry-powder/) . I used it with deserts and it taste too good and really loved it.

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