A Visit to My Kitchen:
Agapi Stassinopoulos

Agapi Stassinopoulos, motivational speaker and the author of Unbinding the Heart (Hay House, 2012), stopped by my kitchen today. Agapi has given seminars worldwide for both men and women, working to empower them to recognize their individual gifts and create the lives they want. Her new book, Unbinding the Heart, invites readers on an inspiring journey of inner exploration to reconnect with their true selves. In it, she shares 32 personal, heartfelt stories full of insight and humor, including a story about the love of food her mother imparted in her as a way of bonding and celebrating life. Visit her website at unbindingtheheart.com


1. Why is living organic important to you?



What we take into our bodies is so essential to how we feel about ourselves.  It affects us in every way.  Toxicity is all around us, and it is best not to add that to the food we eat.

2. What was your favorite food growing up?


There is a Greek sweet bread called tsoureki.  It’s similar to challah.  If you put Greek honey over it, it is to die for!  Don’t even get me started!

3. What’s your go-to comfort food now?


I love roasted almonds!  I also love Fage Greek Yogurt with Honey, on top of strawberries or raspberries.

4. What’s the one thing in your kitchen you just couldn’t live without?


My organic coffee!

5. What magazine, website, book, album, or product are you most obsessed with right now?


Right now I am reading Jim Stengel’s new book, Grow, about the business world and its ideals, and I’m loving it!  I, of course, also read endlessly on The Huffington Post and it even keeps me up nights!  I also watch a lot of OWN and really enjoy it.  Additionally, I am currently obsessed with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  His joy and outside-the-box humor lift my spirits and bring me lots of happiness.  And of course, shamelessly, may I say I am obsessed with my new book, Unbinding the Heart, which I just received copies of.  It took me a year to write and a lifetime to live, and now it is my gift to share with the world.

6. What’s the most important news story today that you think we all need to pay more attention to?


Anything to do with education and the lack of it in the United States.  It is tragic how there are two Americas—the education for the rich and the non-education for the underprivileged.  So many of our problems in this country start from that.  And on that topic, an amazing book is Paul Cummins’ book, Two Americas.

7. Where do you get your news?


Mostly from The Huffington Post and The New York Times.  And also from my friends!  And some of it I do get from television.



Learn more about Agapi and her new book, Unbinding the Heart, at her website unbindingtheheart.com


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Agapi Stassinopoulos

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