What’s a Book That Changed Your Life?

One Book for MS

I love books. A lot. But I have struggled with the question of what book changed my life because every book I read changes my life. From the oldest books ever written, such as The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Bible, to the first novel, Tale of Gengi, I’ve learned that books last. I’ve also learned that our humanity transcends time.

I have a library of thousands of books at home, and have approximately 30 books by my bedside now. I’m currently reading Rising Strong, by Brené Brown, and finding answers to so many questions—questions I’ve had just recently. And that’s another thing I love about books: I always seem to read just the right book at just the right time. Books are magic. Books make life better. Books open up the universe to everyone, even if you just stay right on your couch or bed (which, by the way, is one of my favorite places in the world).

This year, the National MS Society’s Books for a Better Life Awards will celebrate their 20th anniversary, and as part of that celebration, I am honored to report that they will be inducting me into their Hall of Fame. Now, I feel a bit young to get an award like this, and as Lin-Manuel Miranda sings in Hamilton, “There’s a million things I haven’t done.” But Rodale Books as a whole deserves this award because we only publish books that make life better—and have for the past 70 years! And more to come…more to come.

Books for a Better Life is a publishing industry event that celebrates the best in self-improvement books, and it has helped to raise millions of dollars for a very important cause: finding treatments and a cure for multiple sclerosis.

In partnership with the National MS Society and Books for a Better Life Awards, Rodale Books is asking our colleagues, friends, and partners to help us raise awareness.

To participate, we have one simple request: Head over to your favorite social media platform and share the name (or image!) of a book that has changed your life in ways big or small. Use the hashtag #OneBookforMS then tag your friends and nominate them to do the same. It can be a book that has motivated, offered enlightenment, or simply inspired.

Thank you.

For more information about this campaign, visit rodalewellness.com/OneBookforMS, and if you’re interested in making a donation, visit nationalmssociety.org/Chapters/NYN/Donate.

Example posts:

  • @DoUntoAnimals by #TraceyStewart forever changed the way I feel about animals #onebookforMS
  • After using the #konmarimethod from @MarieKondo I decluttered my home and also my mind #sparkjoy #onebookforms
  • I owe all my kitchen skills to #HowToCookEverything by @markbittman #onebookforms

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  1. Alice Green March 17, 2016 at 1:52 pm #

    I know I would not be a sane, happy, contented, fulfulled person if not for BOOKS!! I love them almost more than life, but then they do give me more and more life the older I get!!

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