February 25, 2013 • in Exploring

Why I Love the Lehigh Valley

People still look at me funny when I say Rodale is headquartered in the Lehigh Valley. Sometimes I’ll say Emmaus, sometimes Allentown or Bethlehem. But unless they are longtime organic gardeners or farmers, in which case Emmaus (the birthplace of the organic movement in America) and Maxatawny (home of the Rodale Institute) are considered Mecca, most people are not familiar with our little valley.

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August 17, 2012 • in Exploring

What We Learn From Racing

by guest blogger Maya Rodale. Once upon a time, I ran a race. It was the 800-meter dash during my sixth grade field day. What happened in this race has taken on Great Significance of Epic Proportions. What happened? I came in second. What followed were years of second place races, metaphorically speaking, in which I did pretty well without putting in a huge ton of effort. B+ grades instead of A’s, basically. Enjoying opportunities that arrived, but not always seeking and seizing them. In other words, I became content looking at the back of people’s heads.

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July 27, 2012 • in Exploring

The Desert of Maine

by guest blogger Maya Rodale. The Desert of Maine is one of those roadside attractions you just have to pull over for. During our recent jaunt through New England, my sister and I took time out from outlet shopping in Freeport to see what the heck was up with this desert that was just a few miles from the ocean and surrounded by pine forests.

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June 13, 2012 • in Exploring

Summer Wish List:
10 Things I Want to Do

I love summer sooooo much—heat and humidity and all—that I’m afraid it will be gone too soon and I won’t have enjoyed it enough. I’m trying something new this year in that I’m not planning any major summer vacations away from home. So the burden is going to be on me to have self-made fun. Here’s my wish list:

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May 18, 2012 • in Exploring

5 Things I Learned at Summer Camp

by guest blogger Maya Rodale. Summer camp was one of the best, most formative experiences of my life. For one glorious month, I lived in an idyllic camp deep in the woods of Maine with tons of kids my age, cute and funny counselors, fresh air, fun and games, and really good food. Looking back, here are the awesome life skills camp instilled in me.

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March 28, 2012 • in Exploring

Queen Conch

Talk about eating local! There is nothing more local than eating raw conch on an island where they grow the conch and harvest them right out back!

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March 27, 2012 • in Environment

Doing Laundry in a Costa Rican
Cloud Forest

by guest blogger Wendy Gordon. You would think that Jim Damalas, president of the Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel, would have much more to share with us about his boutique mountain inn. But all he wanted to talk about was the laundry, or more precisely, the laundry water.

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