Quick and Easy “No-Cook” Summer Tomato-Mozzarella Pasta

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Well, you do have to cook the pasta! I made this up last week when my family and I were all starving and it was hot and I happened to ...

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Chocolate Chip-Oatmeal-Coconut Cookies from Scratch

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Continuing with my latest obsession with coconut, I had a hankering for chocolate chip cookies with coconut. And then I thought, “Why not add oatmeal?” These cookies are absolutely delicious. ...

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Quick and Delicious Rice Paper Summer Rolls!

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Whoever said we have nothing to fear but fear itself could have been talking about rice paper rolls.* I’ve wanted to make them (Vietnamese-style) for years, but dreaded the complexity, ...

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Arborio Risotto with Garlic Stock

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by guest blogger Martha Rose Shulman, New York Times Recipes for Health columnist and cookbook author The following recipe is featured in The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking: Templates and ...

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Banana-Coconut Bread from Scratch (and Damn Quick!)

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The other day, my babysitter had dug out my mom’s Banana Bread recipe to make use of some “rotten” bananas. It was yum. A few days later, I still had ...

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Breakfast Sausage Patties from Scratch

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It all started with the search for a quick breakfast patty. I needed a patty that my teenager could pop in the microwave in the morning before school. We are ...

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Cook Perfect Crab Cakes

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By guest blogger Paul Kita, senior associate editor at Men’s Health There’s only one letter separating crab cakes from crap cakes. Crab cakes—meaty, crispy, light—stand as one of summer’s most ...

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Quick and Amazing Pizza Sandwich

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Hunger is the mother of invention. It was my first day working from home in ages, and I was starving. It was Friday, which somehow in most people’s minds, including ...

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