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Saturday and Sunday afternoons are perfect for tackling at-home creative projects. Whether it’s knitting a cozy hat, making your own sauerkraut, or baking up a fresh batch of cookies, it’s always fun to make something with your own two hands. So reward yourself this weekend by taking on one of our favorite DIY kit projects—for those who like to do it themselves but want to know where to start!

1. DIY Goat Cheese Kit


What’s better than a fresh slice of goat cheese? A fresh slice of goat cheese that you made yourself! One of the most awarded creameries in America is helping you make yummy goat cheese in your own kitchen. This expert kit has everything you need to turn fresh goat milk into savory fromage in just 10 minutes.

2. DIY Kimchi Kit


Guess what? It’s actually pretty darn easy to make your own spicy, savory kimchi. All you need is this kit to make four quarts of everyone’s favorite healthy fermented Korean condiment. From canning jar to sauce and chile pepper flakes, the kit includes everything you need. Just add one fresh farmer’s market cucumber or cabbage.

3. DIY Knitted Pom Hat Kit


If you worry that you missed out on the crafting gene, have no fear! This DIY knitting kit is perfect for beginners, and includes everything you’ll need to knit up a cozy hat with a super-cute contrasting pom-pom. It’ll keep you warm on the way to work or out sledding with the neighborhood kids. With simple-to-follow instructions and soft 100% merino wool, you’ll be knitting up a storm in no time. The kit makes a great gift, too—pick up a few for your friends and start a knitting circle!

4. DIY Moss + Sedum Terrarium Kit


Transform any space with this sustainably designed terrarium kit. A modern take on the classic terrarium, it has everything you need to grow and maintain your mini green sanctuary, including sedum seed, broom and sheet moss, soilless growing medium, and recycled glass drainage pebbles. The graceful tapestry of greenery is housed in a sleek, upcycled wine bottle that sits on a bamboo base that doubles as a tending tool. This makes a lovely gift for both the gardener with a less-than-green thumb and the experienced plant grower.

5. Farm to Table Garden Kit


Start your own fresh herb garden with this easy-to-use, farm-to-table kit! Fresh cooking is a cinch to master when you have an herb garden within arm’s reach. This kit includes seeds and instructions for cultivating a variety of the best organic herbs, including basil, parsley, and oregano—and more.

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