Spring Fever Cure: 10 Earth-Friendly Gardening Essentials

Earth Friendly Garden Tools

by the Rodale’s content team

Ready, set, garden! Yes, it’s that time of year again; spring fever is setting in as the frost begins to melt and the days become warmer and longer. Soon we’ll be able to go outside and dig our hands into the soil once again!

But before that happens, there’s plenty to be done right now. According to our friends at Rodale’s Organic Life, there’s much to check off from the March Gardener’s To-Do List. And to help get you started, we’ve chosen some of our favorite earth-friendly gardening tools to help get your spring garden started!

  1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter. Even if you’re yard isn’t ready to be dug into yet, you can still get things going by collecting food scraps with this kitchen composter and composting them in an outdoor compost pile. That way, once you’re ready to plant, you’ll have some healthy compost to help your plants grow big and strong.E004740_M02_A_1
  2. Copper Roof Birdhouse. OK, this isn’t technically a garden tool, but it is really beautiful. Plus, the truth is, flowers aren’t the only stunning part of a garden, birds add pops of color and cheery tones as well, and this is a lovely way to inspire your feathered friends to make a home in your yard.E004802_M06_A_1
  3. Right Hand Weeder. Any experienced gardener knows that you have to get at weeds below the surface. This slim, sturdy tool will eliminate weeds without disturbing mulch, and works well in confined areas and in between plantings.E003307_M04_A_1
  4. Rose Gauntlet Gloves. Made from soft pigskin leather, these long garden gloves are a must-have for the rose gardener. Durably made and custom-designed to fit a woman’s hands, they protect arms from thorny rose canes and other prickers and brambles.E001939_W12_A_1
  5. Gold Cut Pruning Shears. Turn pruning into an enjoyable task with these superior quality shears. Offering comfort in the ergonomic, soft rubber grip handle, its anvil blade is titanium coated, giving increased resistance to wear and corrosion. The blade stays sharp for longer, deftly cutting through mature or dead wood branches.E004384_M01_A_1
  6. Galvanized Steel Watering Can. This sturdy, weatherproof, corrosion-resistant galvanized steel watering can features a riveted circular handle that provides a comfortable grip while carrying or pouring. The screw-on spout can be removed for a faster flow, and makes cleaning a breeze.E003505_M01_A_1
  7. Copper Garden Trowel. Easily plant seedlings and bulbs, remove weeds, and transplant small plants with this sturdy trowel. Besides simply looking beautiful, when used in the garden, copper is believed to improve growth and increase soil nutrients, and it can help reduce snail and slug damage. Plus, it won’t rust.E003926_M06_A_1
  8. Napa Cabbage Stone Planter. More of an indoor gardener? This unique planter is molded from real cabbages, then cast in fine cement and sealed with a latex coating. Slight variations in shape and weight occur from planter to planter, just like with the actual vegetables.E004841_G07_A_1
  9. Copper Plant Labels. Create a permanent record of your plants with these clever tags. Simply write firmly with a ballpoint pen, and your labels will be engraved rather than inked, so you can reuse them year after year.E003277_M06_A_1
  10. Garden Hod. Equally suited for use as a garden carryall, a picnic basket, or a beautifully crafted fruit bowl, this clean-lined wood and wire vessel is a functional piece that looks better and better as it ages. Made from wood and wire finished with food-safe sealants, it will take fresh produce from the garden to the sink to the table.E003425_E08_A_1

Happy gardening!


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