GMOs and The Right To Know: We’ve Already Got It!


I completely support and admire the efforts of everyone around the country (and world) fighting the good fight and attempting to work through our government to give us the Right to Know about GMOs.

But for the average consumer who just wants to keep GMOs out of his or her family’s bodies, there already is a label that guarantees a product is GMO free: The USDA Certified-Organic label!

It may not be perfect. It may not be sexy. But it’s true, and it’s a battle we ALREADY WON. Remember, certification is a battle that took decades to win, so let’s please not walk away from it, diminish it, or forget what it stands for.

To be certain your choices are genetically engineered free, all you need to remember is: USDA Certified Organic = NO GMOs!


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One Response to GMOs and The Right To Know: We’ve Already Got It!

  1. Robert M. Deems November 11, 2014 at 12:18 pm #

    Dear Maria, Thanks and yes, SOME people know this but now we all have to mention it to everyone we know. HOWEVER, I don’t know ALL the facts about USDA cert. One rumor I’ve heard is the USDA is granting certs to beef but NOT taking into account the stockyard the farmer sells his cattle to. I HAVEN’T YET SEEN this but, if true, how about the corn that stockyard uses to fatten-up the cattle before selling them too the slaughterhouse? I know it’s a rumor, but I hear the same farmers are selling “Round-up Ready” corn to the stock
    yards, they just have to maintain a 200′ separation between their pastures and the corn fields. IF THAT’S TRUE, those cattle sure aren’t organic when they get sold to the slaughterhouses! Like I said, I HAVEN’T SEEN it yet but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. If true, Monsanto is laughing all the way to the bank! ALSO, I don’t care if the Republicans got control of the Senate, now they’ll have to prove they CAN govern. Remember, the Pres. still has his pen and we need to stand behind him when he uses it. Remember, they CAN impeach but they can’t CONVICT! That would take 67 votes in the Senate. Be an optimist, hopefully SOMETHING will get done in the next two years.
    The WORST PART about this election was the failure of GMO labeling laws in both states it was on the ballot in. EVERYBODY should be VERY VOCAL about that and mention it to everyone they talk to as often as possible. We need to get that on the ballot in every state and educate as many people as possible about it. Thanks, Bobby D.

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