How to Trim Your Tree in 5 Steps


by the Rodale’s team

It’s time to deck the halls—and the trees—for the holidays! And to help you out, we’ve put together a 5-step guide to trimming your tree in a beautiful and ecofriendly manner.

Step 1: Light it up! Use an environmentally friendly LED strand and begin at the bottom of your tree, close to the trunk. Wrap the lights randomly all the way up to the tippy top. Make sure some of the bulbs are pushed back deeper, toward the trunk, while some stand out at the ends of branches. Plug in, and enjoy the beauty of a simply lit tree before moving on to…

Step 2: Go for garland. Start at the top and work your way down. For even more fun, use more than one type of garland. This Recycled Glass Snowflake Garland would look lovely paired with a green Felted Wool Garland. Or pop up a batch of organic, non-buttered popcorn and make your own garland to complete the look.


Step 3: Hang the ornaments. Favorites go on first! Here are a few of the ornaments that earned prime spots on our tree this year:




After all of your hanging ornaments are placed, add clip-on ornaments and/or candy canes to finish the look.

Step 4: Top it off! Grab your tree topper and gently place it atop your tree. Who do we want topping our tree? This Felted Wool Owl Tree Topper, that’s whoooo!


Step 5: Sit back and enjoy. The best part of a Christmas tree is getting to enjoy it. Take a seat, grab some tea, and enjoy the fruits of your holiday labors.

Happy decorating, gifting, receiving, and holiday-ing!

P.S. While you’re trimming away, we highly recommend you wear a cozy robe, listen to festive music, and eat loads of delicious cookies!

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