Maria’s 5 Favorites: Cool It!

Cool It

We’re headed toward another heat wave here in Pennsylvania—not that I’m complaining. I love the heat and just about everything else that comes with summer. However, one of the best parts about a heat wave is the fun ways you can cool down, from swimming in the ocean to enjoying a picnic in the shade or downing a tall glass of an ice-cold drink.

In honor of the upcoming 90-plus-degree days, here are a few of my favorite earth-friendly ways to survive the heat:

1. Make (and eat!) popsicles in this Stainless Steel Ice-Pop Mold. E004978_M02_A_1Enjoy a cool treat on a hot day without worrying about dyes, preservatives, additives, or toxins. This fast-freeze mold is easy to use and easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. Simply whip up any ice-pop recipe, pour the mix into the molds, freeze, and voilà, you have six paddle-style treats. The smart design of the mold means you can remove or refille one pop at a time.

2. Freeze juice, lemonade, or even just plain water in this Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray. E004946_M02_A_1There are just about a million fun ways you can use frozen cubes from this tray, which is a reinvention of the traditional metal ice cube trays. It’s classic, functional, and safe! Make ice cubes, of course, or freeze pesto, baby food, or other herbs in ready-to-use bites with no risk of toxic leakage from plastic.

3. Brew fresh-brewed iced coffee or tea with this One Gallon Cold Brew Kit.E003560_A03_A_1 There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of iced coffee or tea to start your summer day! Brew your own (or another favorite beverage) overnight in this glass jar and wake up to a gallon of drinks ready to serve out of the easy-to-use tap. The cold brewing process produces less acidity in coffee than standard brewing, since the grounds don’t get very hot, so your cup of joe will never have that bitter, diluted taste.

4. Sip and store homemade juices, lemonade, and more with these convenient glass Juice Jars. E004923_A03_A_1They’re perfect for all types of home canning, preserving, serving, and creative home décor—all fun ways to distract you from the heat of summer. The wide opening makes filling and cleaning them a breeze. The seal is easy to check at a glance, and you can open the top quickly and easily when it’s time to pour. The jars stack to save space.

5. Enjoy the cool breeze and the quiet ambience of a summer night with these Consol Solar Jars. E004933_A03_A_1Put that hot sun to work and harness the power of green technology to trap light in a traditional mason jar! This high-quality handmade decorative light or reading lamp contains four solar-powered LEDs, which are charged by solar cells in the jar’s lid. You can use the jars indoors or outdoors. The soft yet bright light provides lovely ambient lighting while you’re lingering in your garden or barbecueing on your patio or porch. It’s fun, sustainable, and earth-friendly!



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