Maria’s 5 Favorites: Mother’s Little Helpers

Mothers Little Helpers

Here’s an odd but fun mix of some of my favorite earth-friendly mom essentials.

  1. Hydrating Coconut Balm. This coconut balm smells absolutely divine! Plus, it’s a one-step skincare wonder, which saves time and energy—two things most moms could use more of!E004987_S03_A_1
  2. Organic Coconut Bath Soak. Perfect for a little me time. This organic coconut milk bath soak can turn any moment into a luxurious spa day.E001953_S03_A_1
  3. Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant. Also good for a little me time…or a little “we time.” Enhance your love life naturally with this barely there personal lubricant, made with 95 percent organic ingredients and no glycerin or parabens.E003682_S11_A_1
  4. Organic Cotton Mushroom Print Apron. At least for me, a functional apron is essential. A pretty functional apron? That’s just the best! I love this vintage-style 100 percent organic-cotton mushroom print apron. It has a nice fit and great big pockets, and is super cute!E004941_A01_A_1
  5. HERShovel™ Garden Shovel for Women. This is my favorite shovel! If you’re a woman and a gardener, this is the shovel for you. It was designed scientifically specifically for women’s bodies and digging styles. It’s awesome, and it really works—just like moms!E005004_E08_A_1

Happy Mother’s Day!

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