February 07, 2011 • in Random Thoughts

Why Women Love Cats

This morning, I was sitting on my couch drinking my coffee (happiness!), and my cat Pumkin came over for her morning love. We have a thing in our house where I sit in Baddha Konasana (cobbler’s pose) on the couch—completely …

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February 04, 2011 • in Main Dishes with Meat

How to Make a Hoagie (Healthy!)

Recently, I had the pleasure and honor of having Dr. Andrew Weil “stop by my kitchen” for a chat. He mentioned one of his favorite foods growing up in Philadelphia was a hoagie. A HOAGIE! I love hoagies! I think …

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February 03, 2011 • in Organic Food

A Visit to My Kitchen: Elizabeth Walling

Elizabeth Walling is in my kitchen today, talking about her favorite machine for slicing and dicing, a refreshing and replenishing drink, and a news story that is on her mind. Elizabeth is an independent health researcher and freelance writer. She …

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February 02, 2011 • in Health & Fitness

Sun Is Fuel

If you think this blog post is going to be about solar energy for creating electricity or hot water…think again. This blog post is about the basic, primal, human need for sunshine. Or, let’s be even clearer, my basic, primal …

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February 01, 2011 • in Organic Issues

We Stand United In Opposition to GE Alfalfa

Every once in a while an issue comes along that is so shockingly wrong, that people seem to spontaneously unite in opposition. This is one of those times. I am very honored to post this letter, written by some of …

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January 31, 2011 • in Breads

How to Make Crackers (It’s so Freaking Easy!)

It started with a picture I saw in the local paper about making crackers from scratch. I saved it, but then never found it again. But I kept thinking…how do you make crackers? And how would they taste different? So …

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January 28, 2011 • in Organic Food

The Freezer Saves the Day

This time of year, I’ll admit it, I don’t feel like cooking much. Everything in the garden is dead as a doornail. The farmer’s market won’t open again for months. It’s a cold pain in the butt to go to …

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