March 27, 2014 • in Random Thoughts

Live Baby Chick Cam: Meet Our Polar Vortex Miracle!

by Leah Zerbe, an online editor at The cyclical nature of life is perhaps nowhere more apparent than on a farm. The trusty tomato plants of summer are shriveled, brown, and barren by October; even the ragweed that plagued …

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March 26, 2014 • in By Maria

What Do You Stand FOR?

Most of us can easily answer the question of what we are against. Just a few key words will show you what I mean (I’m not implying which side of the fence any of us are on, just that there …

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March 25, 2014 • in Health

No More Pap Smears?

By Diana Zuckerman, PhD, president of the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund If you’re a woman over 21, that headline probably got your attention. After all, who likes Pap smears? Wouldn’t it be great to never need one again? Well, …

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March 24, 2014 • in By Maria

10 Surprising Ways to Teach Kids to Love Nature

As the weather starts to improve, it’s the perfect time to get kids out and about and show them the joy of nature. It doesn’t have to be a structured thing—in fact, unstructured is almost always better when it comes …

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March 22, 2014 • in By Maria

Maria’s Five Favorites: It’s Time to Start Gardening!

It is finally spring! Which means it’s time to start gardening again. Did you plant peas on St. Patrick’s Day? Or start your first potatoes or onions of the season? I haven’t been able to plant much yet, with the …

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March 21, 2014 • in Health & Fitness

Ayurveda and Yoga for Kapha Season

by guest bloggers Jeff Perlman and Holly Walck Part I of our Ayurveda & Yoga Series The three doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha) are combinations of the five great elements in our universe. The elements are further understood by the …

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March 20, 2014 • in Health

The Skinny on Fats

by guest blogger Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, integrative medicine pioneer Humans have a complicated relationship with fat. On the one hand, we need this critical nutrient to survive. In fact, we are biologically programmed to detect fats in our …

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