Summer Craft: Mint Tin Treasure Boxes


by guest blogger Mark Kintzel, designer

Here’s a super-easy and super-fun project for the whole family! Transform empty mint tins into stylish little keepsake boxes, perfect for storing your favorite beach treasures and special trinkets. Or you can tuck tiny little treasure maps inside for a really fun children’s party game. They also make for memorable summer party favors. Their uses are endless!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Collect empty mint tins and your favorite tiny treasures to decorate them with—seashells work great!
  2. Paint the lids of the empty tins with Liquitex Glossies high-gloss acrylic enamel. (You can find the paint at your local craft store or online at Dick Blick.)
  3. After the paint dries, glue your favorite beach finds or other special baubles to the lids using nontoxic and waterproof Gorilla Glue, also found at craft stores.

Happy crafting!

1MARKHEADSHOTMark Kintzel comes from a long line of crafters, artists, musicians, and farm folk. He first came under the magic spell of flowers while wandering through meadows near his grandparents’ farm in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, as a boy. His appreciation for creativity and flowers grew throughout the years, and he now specializes in event planning and styling, garden design, and organic floral arrangements for just about any occasion. See more at


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