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The Story of Rodale's Style

The Story of Rodale’s Style

A lot of people know about the HIStory of my family, but very few know about the HERstory of my family. You may get a little bit of it through my blog through the recipes I share, but the women in my family all had their own style and they had one thing in common: They loved to shop and create a home that reflected the creativity and quality of the ideas we all discussed at the dinner table.

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Welcome to Rodale's

Welcome to Rodale’s

Rodale’s is a safe place for you to shop, where you can vote for a healthier, happier world with every purchase you make without sacrificing style, comfort, or joy. When you buy something made from healthy materials, you are investing in a healthier environment and a brighter future. We’ve done the hard work of figuring out what’s safe and healthy, so you can simply enjoy the pleasure of shopping!

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