A Rodale’s Easy Organic Dinner

by the Rodale’s Discover team

We love the idea of a cozy dinner in the midst of fall. One of our favorite meals combines high-quality, organic ingredients to create a healthy Italian feast. Organic pasta, tomato sauce, and flavored sea salts—all available online at Rodale’s—are simple ingredients to have on hand for an easy delicious meal.

Discover an easy and healthy approach to your dinner tonight by using the following three ingredients:

Organic Farfalline Acrobaleno Pasta

This wholesome organic pasta from Italian Harvest is produced using traditional Italian methods from ingredients grown without pesticides or herbicides. Its beautiful, authentic shape has been extruded through a bronze cast for a traditional rustic texture that holds sauces better.

Organic Tomato Passata Sauce

This fresh-from-the-farm gourmet tomato passata sauce from Bella Cucina features 100% organically grown, vine-ripened San Marzano tomatoes that are picked, peeled, and put through a stainless steel sieve to create an intensely delicious tomato sauce ready to use in your favorite recipe.

Flor de Sal Organic Sea Salt – Mediterranean Herbs


Sal de San Pedro brightens any pasta dish with sea salt flavored with a blend of organically grown herbs including savory, rosemary, oregano, hyssop, marjoram, parsley, and basil. Wildharvested using traditional methods in Spain’s San Pedro natural preserve, this exquisite sea salt will captivate the palate and add the perfect dash of spice to any meal.

Discover more even ways to spice up your dinner at Rodale’s.

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2 Responses to A Rodale’s Easy Organic Dinner

  1. Becky October 26, 2013 at 6:49 am #

    I love the colors on the pasta! I’ll have to pop over and take a look at these items for a warm fall dinner.

  2. Epazote July 7, 2014 at 10:45 pm #

    , thank you very much for posting this! It is going to be so helpful when I get Oregano at the market! Very Awesome!

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