How to Use Activated Charcoal for Beautiful Skin

Activated Charcoal

by Maria Luci, editor at Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen and Rodale’s

Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is ash that has been heated to a high temperature and then, typically, treated with steam or phosphoric acid to increase its porous qualities. The result of this heating and treating process is a powder known for its intense toxin-absorbing abilities. In fact, activated charcoal is so absorbent that it’s sometimes used to help counteract drug overdoses. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use caution or talk to a doctor first before those ingesting activated charcoal, as it can bind to and reduce the absorption of medications, including birth control. That’s just how powerfully detoxifying it is!

However, activated charcoal’s chemical-absorbing properties are safe and effective when it’s used on skin. And they make activated charcoal a potent natural ingredient to add to your beauty arsenal for deep cleaning and beautifying your outsides.

Here are 4 great ways to add the power of activated charcoal to your natural beauty routine:

  1. As a detoxing bar soap. Replace your regular bar soap with this Charcoal Detox Soap. The bar’s activated charcoal deep-cleans by attracting and locking in toxins; its nourishing raw goat’s milk aids the detox process while hydrating your entire body.
  2. As a purifying cleanser. Activated charcoal facial cleansers are great for ridding your skin of toxins and helping to improve skin imperfections and acne. Formulated especially for those suffering from acne, overactive oil glands, and skin inflammatory disorders, Organic Detox Neem + Charcoal Facial Soap‘s unique black facial bar can help purify and soothe even the most stubborn troubled skin. This natural, handcrafted soap’s activated charcoal is naturally deodorizing and known to draw out impurities.
  3. As a rejuvenating mask. A veritable magnet for toxins, activated charcoal is the perfect ingredient for revitalizing facial masks. The activated coconut charcoal in our Organic Coconut Charcoal Face Mask leaves pores clear and skin evenly balanced.
  4. As an effective acne treatment. Since activated charcoal can pull impurities from deep beneath the skin’s surface, it’s perfect for helping to clear the way for the healing of blemishes. Our Zit Zap Spot Treatment Mask uses the power of activated charcoal along with natural antiacne basil oil to pack a one-two punch against blemishes.

Bonus charcoal tip: Activated charcoal doesn’t just do wonders for your skin; it can help brighten your smile, as well! Use our Peppermint + Charcoal Brightening Tooth Paste to clean and whiten your teeth and remove stains without harsh chemicals or abrasives.

marialuciMaria Luci is the manager and editor at Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen and content creator and editor at Rodale’s. She grew up in Virginia, but now lives in Philly with her husband, a black cat, and a giant Aloe plant named Big Al. When not writing and editing, she’s usually cooking up organic recipes or running—or eating when she should be running.


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