50 Things I’m Grateful for about the Earth—An #EarthGratitude List

Earth Gratitude Flowers

1. Those little weeds that pop up in the cracks of the sidewalk that, even though annoying to pick, show us just how resilient and powerful nature is.
2. A crystal-clear turquoise sea with warm sun shining. Heaven!
3. That scent at the beach. Any beach.
4. The feel of lying on warm sand on a beach.
5. And then tasting that scent in a raw oyster.
6. The sound of waves.
7. Seeing giant waves crash majestically against rocks.
8. Watching and smelling a cold dark mysterious rhythmic ocean.
9. The fragrance of the woods—pine, earth, decomposition, new life.
10. Moss. Magical moss.
11. A chorus of frogs on a warm spring night.
12. That smell of the earth after a rain.
13. The sound of rain at night when the windows are open.
14. The feel of bare feet on the warm summer grass.
15. The silence of a winter snow.
16. Fresh, clean, fragrant air to breathe.
17. Biting into a warm tomato right from the vine.
18. The beauty and fragrance of an heirloom rose.
19. Honeysuckle.
20. Lying on the ground in the dark and looking for shooting stars.
21. Seeing a shooting star and making a wish.
22. Letting your eyes adjust to the dark in the woods at night and not feeling afraid.
23. The big, wide-open sky of the dessert.
24. The emptiness and undulating beauty of the desert.
25. A cactus flower in bloom.
26. Butterflies and hummingbirds and milkweed.
27. The scent of milkweed sweetening the summer night air.
28. A cold rushing mountain stream—the sound, smell, sight, feel of it on your skin in the heat.
29. The warm, smoky glow of a campfire from wood collected from fallen trees and branches.
30. Fireflies!!!
31. The sound of crickets at night.
32. Wild berries eaten fresh off of prickly vines.
33. The moon reflected on a flat lake.
34. The earthy smell around a dark lake.
35. That feeling of peace and relaxation that comes from being in nature.
36. The simple joy of sitting on a rock and not doing anything except listening to your inner voice.
37. Seeing radically different trees and fauna in different countries.
38. And then seeing things that are exactly the same and familiar wherever you go.
39. Pondering all the life, death, and rebirth that are happening on Earth in any one moment.
40. Pondering all the sex that’s happening on the earth and in nature at any one moment (lots!).
41. The buzzing of bees on bright, colorful flowers.
42. A cold, clear, delicious glass of water.
43. Finding a perfect shell.
44. A juicy ripe peach from a local orchard.
45. Any ripe, juicy fruit (organic of course).
46. The first cherries of the season.
47. Baby animals.
48. Birds’ nests and baby birds.
49. The laughter of children as they play outside.
50. Fearlessly finding an earthworm and saying hello and thank you.

Share your own #EarthGratitude this Earth Day (April 22, 2015)!



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5 Responses to 50 Things I’m Grateful for about the Earth—An #EarthGratitude List

  1. Peter April 20, 2015 at 10:38 am #

    RE: #11: I was riding my bike through farmland in eastern PA at dusk last Saturday night, and I heard it: The first spring “peepers,” as we called them when I was a kid. My father always made a big deal about peeper night as being the moment in time when winter was truly past, and springtime in full force. My heart leapt when I heard the sound! Thanks dad. Thanks, peepers. Thanks, Earth! (You too, Maria.)

  2. Maria Luci April 20, 2015 at 11:01 am #

    For me, one of my top 10 in an #earthgratitude list would have to be the feeling of total freedom that comes from gliding underwater! But really, anything water-related (beaches, lakes, streams, pools—swimming, diving, wading, rafting, fishing) gets a big THANK YOU to Earth from me!

  3. Alice Green April 20, 2015 at 1:15 pm #

    A Meadowlark, sitting high on a wire by the road, singing for me the most beautiful song in the world, as I drive by to the Sand Dunes to sit and enjoy the sand, water, trees, night sky and sounds of one of the many great spots of Nature that Colorado holds for me every day! Thank you Earth, I promise to do everything I can to return your Love to you each day.

  4. Donna in Delaware April 20, 2015 at 1:15 pm #

    1. Life and life more abundantly.

    2. A stormy sky, and a rainbow following a storm.

    3. The form of an old bare tree standing alone.

    4. A big blue glacier in the Swiss Alps.

    5. Ants and how they are always hard at work.

    6. Bees making honey.

    7. Love, good love.

    8. A good bed to lay your head.

    9. Organic food.

    10. Farmers who grow our food.

    11. A farmer’s family that continue to grow our food.

    12. New birth, rebirth.

    13. Good health.

    14. Unwavering friendships and family.

    15. Your blog Maria.

    16. GRATITUDE.


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