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Random Thoughts

Sisterhood for Sale

by guest blogger Renee James, humorist and blogger I don’t know much, but I’m pretty sure the only thing more annoying than The New York Times’ Sunday Styles feature titled “Ladies of the Lanyards” will be the letters and emails the Times prints next week in support of it. In case you missed, it, I’ll […]

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A Non-Runner's Guide to Runners - Remy's World - Mark Remy

A Non-Runner’s Guide to Runners

Not sure how to interact with these strange aerobic creatures? Our FAQ will help. by Mark Remy, writer, runner and creator of Remy’s World Summer is in full swing, which means that runners are, too. Perhaps you have glimpsed them out and about, loping along paths and trails. Maybe you’ve even seen them in suburban […]

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Death, Life, and Rebirth

I have a friend on Facebook who is slowly dying. He announced his terminal cancer diagnosis a few months ago, and since then his friends have been rallying around him. On Facebook, he’s been posting pictures of trips to the beach, his favorite drinks at the bar, heartbreaking photos of him and his mom, and […]

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A Blow to Independence Day

Photo: (cc) Mark Fischer/Flickr, license from Creative Commons 2.0 by guest blogger Maya Rodale, author of smart and sassy romance novels On Monday morning I was planning to dash off some fun, fluffy Independence Day blog for today (fireworks! sparklers!). Then the Supreme Court handed down the sort of ruling you wouldn’t expect in America, […]

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Does Art Imitate Life? Uh-oh!

by guest blogger Renee James, humorist and blogger I can always count on my sons to introduce a provocative topic into the conversation, one that almost always makes me think about things a little differently. For example, one night we were discussing movies and they asked if I could name any that passed The Bechdel […]

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For Her Age

by guest blogger Renee James, humorist and blogger In Gillian Flynn’s novel Gone Girl, title character Amy Elliott Dunne was a “golden girl,” growing up with every advantage, including good looks and wealth. As the story unfolds, she experiences a rather startling moment of clarity when she is described as “attractive, for her age.” She […]

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Happy Memorial Day

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day! Print PDFRelated Posts:Happy Memorial Day!Happy Memorial Day!Happy Memorial Day

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The “Joys” of Boarding

by guest blogger Renee James, humorist and blogger I’m in Chicago, waiting to board my flight. The “depultures”* are circling, and the gate attendant is about to begin to “pre-board”(?) travelers deemed worthy to enter the aircraft before everyone else. Near the gate, a pole has a ridiculous sign at the top that shows two […]

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