Compostology 1-2-3

by Therese Ciesinski, managing editor of Organic Gardening

There’s a topic most organic gardeners, and particularly Organic Gardening readers, never tire of, and that’s compost. It seems we can never write enough about it. So I’m excited to announce that Organic Gardening magazine has published its first e-book, about—what else?—our favorite subject.

Compostology 1-2-3 covers, soup-to-nuts, everything a gardener needs to know about making and using compost, from how best to select a spot for the pile to recipes for potting soil and seed-starting mix using the finished product. It’s easy to read, practical, and filled with information culled from years of Organic Gardening experience. Here’s a taste:

Pick the Right Spot

When looking for a site for composting, most gardeners start by selecting a location that’s out of the direct line of sight from their house and outdoor living areas. It’s also a good idea to pick a spot that’s hidden from the neighbors (and to closely manage the pile to avoid wafting odors).

For best results, pick a well-drained site. Compost ingredients that are constantly sitting in moisture support the wrong types of microorganisms, and the result will be a smelly, slimy pile. If necessary, build the pile or put the bin on top of a raised platform, such as a shipping pallet.

Also think about convenience when selecting a location. Choose a spot where it will be easy to carry compostables for dumping and equally easy to pick up finished compost. Plan for access on all sides of the pile so there is room to stir and to remove compost and to dig out any weeds that spring up around the pile.

Other topics that Compostology 1-2-3 covers include the pros and cons of various types of bins, what are browns and greens, the many different ways to compost—even indoors—and a chapter on solving common compost problems.

Fall is the perfect time to start a new pile, so visit Organic for links to purchase or download a sample of Compostology 1-2-3, and get cooking!


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  1. michele October 18, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    My brother-in-law would like this as he is a big believer in composting. He would compost almost everything if he could. Once I raked the leaves he had around the flower bed for the winter and I thought he might faint.

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