Happy Labor Day!


With the end of summer rapidly approaching and kids returning to school, it’s good to remember that knowledge and wisdom come from a multitude of sources. A life well lived is one in which the learning never stops and knowledge grows and grows, with a healthy understanding that this mystery we call life (and the love that goes with it) will probably never be solved.

So when in doubt, take a break, enjoy life, and surrender to the mystery of it all!

Happy Labor Day!


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One Response to Happy Labor Day!

  1. Alice Green September 1, 2014 at 11:15 am #

    Thanks Maria, I really love this Holiday. After working for over 40 years, I retired on the very day that I turned 65 (even though it was on a Thursday) and finally found my True vocation after all those years. My reason for being on this earth is: To be Retired!! I love every day of retirement and hope to live as long retired as I did working, although that would put me at 105 yrs. but what the heck, others have made it that far! Happy Labor Day and Happy Every Day to you as well!

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