Mom’s Back-to-School Supplies List


by the Rodale’s team

It’s that time of year again! The season when back-to-school sales and advertisements  pop up everywhere and your shopping cart is full of pencils, backpacks, and notebooks. You might find yourself thinking for an inordinate amount of time about binders—or asking yourself why in the world Ms. Smith requires 50 red pens for her drama class. But there’s one thing you’re probably forgetting to think about now…and that’s you!

We believe that back-to-school is as much about you as it is your kids and their loose-leaf paper. Because when the yellow bus comes by on the first day of school, you get a very special thing back: me time.

To help make the most of your Mom’s back-to-school me time, we’ve put together a supply list just for YOU! Each item is specifically chosen to help you feel great, relax, and enjoy every last kid-free moment. Even if that’s just the few minutes between the bus pick up and driving to work.

And remember, while the kids are away, the moms will play!

Mom’s Back-to-School Supplies List:

1. McKenzie Organic-Cotton Tote—Why should your children be the only ones to get a new bag? You have a lot of carrying to do, too!


2. Boyfriend Shirt—Casual, cute comfort wear is a must!
3. Pink Himalayan Bath Salts—Nothing says me time like a warm, relaxing vanilla-scented bath.


4. Brightening Facial Scrub—Because when you were busily slathering sunscreen on the kids, you sometimes forgot to put it on yourself. Scrub away summer blunders and brighten up that face.
5. Vernissage Nail Lacquer—Hey, you might actually have time to paint your nails!

6. Eco-Rich Yoga Mat—Because that yoga class coupon you bought at the beginning of summer expires soon.
7. Peace of Mind Organic Wellness Tea—Teatime = me time.


8. Books—Hopefully, you’ll find some time to read! Perhaps during your soak?
9. Luminous Herkimer Diamond studs—You made it through another summer…you deserve it!

Happy back-to-school shopping! You can find more mom supplies at Rodale’s.

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