Maria’s Five Favorites: Get Cozy!

cozy cat

You know what you need to do? Chillax! It’s the weekend! We all need some downtime to recharge our batteries now and then. Why not make today that day?

Not sure where to start? Here are my 5 steps for the ultimate day of cozy relaxation:

Step 1. Pull on a comfy hoodie. The softer the better. This hemp-and-organic-cotton blend Long Sleeve Stripe Coco Hoodie does the trick just fine.


Step 2. Grab a robe. This Organic Cotton Flannel Robe is one of my favorites. Its sublimely plush fabric comes from a family-owned German mill founded in 1885, which means they’ve had more than 120 years to get the weave juuust right. Plus, it has pockets, and the sleeves STAY rolled up! It’s ultrasoft perfection that slips comfortably over your hoodie for extra coziness and warmth.


Step 3. Slip into stretchy leggings. Strechiness is key, people! These Aquarius Leggings feel like a “second skin” and are super stretchy, which is perfect for all the ways you’re going to be spreading out on your couch or favorite comfy chair for the day….


Step 4. Select your favorite mug. This Minimalist Latte Cup is one of mine. It fits perfectly in your hand and is great for all-day tea drinking—which leads me to Step 5…


Step 5. Brew some organic, calming tea like Flying Bird Botanicals’ Peace of Mind wellness tea. Sip throughout the day while lounging about in your cozy clothes, reading books, and possibly even taking a nap!


Follow these steps, and you’ll be recharged in no time.


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2 Responses to Maria’s Five Favorites: Get Cozy!

  1. Alice Green October 25, 2014 at 10:23 am #

    Maria, your 5 suggestions are great! But all I would need to get cozy and chill out would be to have that sweet, smiling Kitty in my home and just watch it sleep!

  2. Audrey November 3, 2014 at 10:26 pm #

    It looks like most items are made in China ….I try to buy American made

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