5 Favorites for the Earth-Friendly Kitchen

Nontoxic Kitchen Favorites

Cooking healthily and safely isn’t just about choosing organic, natural, and nutritious food; it’s about using safe kitchen tools, as well. That means ditching nonstick Teflon pans and plastic containers and sticking to kitchen equipment made of nontoxic materials like glass, cast iron, and stainless steel.

This week, to promote healthier kitchen practices, I’ve chosen some of my current favorite kitchen tools that are super useful when it comes to storing, transporting, and composting safely and effectively. So without further ado, here they are…my favorite useful kitchen essentials that won’t harm you, your family, or the environment:

1. Round Airtight Glass Containers. Leftover containers made of glass and stainless steel! No plastic, no gross stuff. Just safe and effective storage at its best…and most beautiful!


2. Potato Storage Basket. This beautiful wicker basket is the perfect way to store whole potatoes. It provides the cool, dark, airy conditions needed to keep potatoes fresh and prevent spoiling. You can store 7 to 10 pounds of potatoes, depending on their size. The basket’s front opening makes it easy to grab what you need, while the lid fits firmly over the top to keep everything secure. Plus, it’ll look great in your kitchen!


3. Four-Clip Salad Storage Bowl. This large (26.3-cup) bowl will accommodate all of your big needs. Who doesn’t want a giant salad bowl with an airtight lid? It’s perfect for parties, storage, and leftovers. Made from nontoxic stainless steel, it can also be written on in non-permanent marker so you can keep track of the contents and storage date.


4. Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter. I love this kitchen composter. It’s the real deal, crafted using a deep draw process where the steel is hit three times to attain the desired depth with no seams. It includes a charcoal filter that minimizes odors for up to four months. The handle makes it easy to transport scraps outside for outdoor composting, or for curbside pickup if you have food-waste recycling. (Not sure where to start when it comes to composting? Here are my tips for starting your very own Compost Pile in 4 Easy Steps.)


5. Reusable Wooden Cake Box. Let’s face it, whoever brings cake or cupcakes to the party is destined to become the most appreciated guest. With this unfinished pine and poplar cake box, you can transport your baked goods in style. It’s available with or without a leather carrying strap. The box accommodates most 10″ cake plates (try my favorite moist chocolate cake recipe!) or organizes up to 18 cupcakes (find my vanilla cupcake recipe here) with the included slide-out cupcake inserts. Use it for yourself, or give someone special a very sweet gift.


Find more of my personal earth-friendly favorites in the Maria’s Favorite Things collection on Rodales.com!

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