Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe

Rodales Spring Look Book

Full disclosure: This is a blatant self-promotion for my e-commerce store, Rodale’s. This past weekend, I was just thinking to myself…hmmm…it’s time to do the spring-cleaning of my closet (when I switch out the winter clothes to the summer stuff, donate what I don’t wear anymore, and get rid of any personal care products that are out-of-date or I no longer use.) And then I saw our spring look book and got super excited to really get things switched out.

There are so many beautiful and amazing outfits! All made by small companies from organic and/or sustainable fibers. Many are made in America, but all are made by people who care about you, your health and our beautiful planet—which by the way, here in the Northern Hemisphere, is busting out all over with glorious springtime!

Rodale’s has been in business now for about three years, and each year we find more and more beautiful and stylish options to wear and use that actually make the world a better place rather than trash it with cheap and fast fashion. I wear something from Rodale’s every single day—not because I have to, but because I want to. I believe our items feel the best, look the best, and wear the best—from the underwear to the dresses…to the deodorants!

Check out our look book. Share it with a friend. Try something. I know you will feel the difference—on your body and in your heart.


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