The Best New Organic Products: Coming Soon to A Store Near You

Part 1

The annual  Natural Products Expos (one in the East, one in the West) are where all the new organic products are introduced to buyers and distributors, so you can find them at your favorite shopping places. Earlier this month, we went to Expo East in Boston. My favorite thing to do there is walk the floor, aisle by aisle, and find all the best new stuff. Here are the first five of my top ten, and on Wednesday I’ll share the final five.

I’m going to count down backwards in order of my preference, so on Wednesday the list will end with my favorite!

#10:Natural by Nature organic and grass-fed sour cream dips. At this booth, they were testing some new dip flavors. This holiday season I will definitely buy these dips if they’re on the market. Once a year it’s important to eat chips with dip.

#9:  IF YOU CARE Environment Friendly Products, which offer recycled aluminum foil, coffee filters, and wax paper sandwich bags, are launching two new products this year: natural latex kitchen gloves, and Firelighters, made from 100 percent renewable resources (you use them in fireplaces, grills, woodstoves, etc.). I really like this company, and I use all their products.

#8: Follow Your Heart Organic Creamy Ranch Dressing. I’m always looking for good organic ranch dressings (since Hidden Valley’s organic ranch is so hard to find near me!). This one tastes great!

#7:  John Wayne Organic Beef Jerky. It’s not new, but it’s so good! You can buy it out West, or online at

#6: Ramblers Way wool clothing. Their super-soft and lightweight, and not scratchy, wool clothing comes from Rambouillet sheep. From the farm of Tom, formerly Tom’s of Maine (now Tom’s of some big company). Seems like the perfect natural-fiber clothing to layer for winter sports like running and skiing. And it looks nice, too.

So there you have the bottom half of the list. Look for the top five on Wednesday!


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3 Responses to The Best New Organic Products: Coming Soon to A Store Near You

  1. JN October 25, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    Looked at the Ramblers Way website. Can’t imagine spending $40+ for a pair of undies!

  2. HR October 25, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

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  3. Jalia June 21, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    Oh yeah, faubluos stuff there you!

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