What Do You Stand FOR?


Most of us can easily answer the question of what we are against. Just a few key words will show you what I mean (I’m not implying which side of the fence any of us are on, just that there is a fence): guns, abortion, gay marriage, GMOs, immigration, Monsanto.… But often it’s harder to articulate what we are FOR.

There are the big ideas we all might say we are for, such as world peace, freedom, and a clean environment. But what are you really doing about it that isn’t fighting against but actually standing for?

I am struck by the idea that “What we resist persists.” So how can we truly create change by being for things instead of against them? For example, can you really be FOR freedom but against things like gay marriage and immigration? Does it matter?  What if we just focused on what we want, instead of what we don’t want?

Let’s do an experiment. Make a list of 10 things you really want, things that you stand FOR. Then think about those things for the next week. Don’t think about the other things. Don’t think about the negative or the aggravating or the “wrong”—and if you catch yourself doing it, go back to the positive.

Check in with us after a week. More importantly, check in with yourself after a week, and see if it has made any difference. I have a feeling it will.

I know it has for me!

Here is my quick list of 10 things I stand FOR:

  1. Healthy, happy children
  2. Freedom
  3. Love, love, and more love
  4. Nature—the power and joy of nature
  5. Curiosity and learning
  6. Pleasure
  7. Clean, organic food
  8. Family dinner
  9. A good night’s sleep
  10. Peace, peace, and more peace.

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4 Responses to What Do You Stand FOR?

  1. J. Cummings March 26, 2014 at 7:57 am #

    What a great, positive message ! It is easy to get snagged in the web of negativity so craftily spun by corporate media. That can make us feel so powerless. This idea is a great one. Thank you!

  2. Donna in Delaware March 26, 2014 at 9:59 am #

    Good article.

    1. True WORLD PEACE & safety.
    2. Clean nutritious food.
    3. Clean world environment.
    4. Happiness.
    5. Healthy society.
    6. Freedom for all.
    7. Good education for all children.
    8. Intact, happy families.
    9. Unconditional love.
    10. Great neighbors.

  3. Joyce Hinnefeld March 29, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    I love that “Family dinner” is on your list. In the midst of a crazy, crowded spring, and inevitable tensions between professional and familial demands on my time, I’ve been trying hard to hold on to that one thing: cooking for my family, and sitting down to eat together. Reading “Why Cook?” by Michael Pollan (reprinted in the March 2014 issue of THE SUN) has reinforced this for me. I might add “dinners with friends–ones we’ve actually cooked” to my list too; we’re all so busy, yet this kind of connection with friends–in our homes, at our own tables–feels more important than ever.

  4. Zorica June 12, 2014 at 11:46 pm #

    Beautiful message, thank you for reminding us on how wonderful life can be , just by making few changes.

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