The Toys I’d Want for Christmas If I Were Still a Kid

 The Toys I’d Want for Christmas If I Were Still a Kid

It’s that time of year when parents are on the hunt to find the perfect gifts for their kids. Sometimes it’s easy to find THE gift, but occasionally, even Santa needs help—which is why we have our kids make wish lists.

Here’s my list of what I’d want if I were still a kid! All are SAFE, sustainably made toys—of course! Hopefully, these options can help out all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and godparents looking to help out Santa:

1. Little Red Barn E004289_A01_A_4

Why? Because it’s so darn cute! And it looks like tons of fun. Also, this rubberwood barn is sustainably made from trees that no longer produce latex. After harvesting, the wood is strengthened with a chemical-free kiln-drying process then assembled using certified E-Zero formaldehyde-free glue. All added color pigment is organic, and only water-based dyes free of lead and other heavy metals are used. All printed materials are made using recycled paper and soy ink.

2. Farm Animal Set

What goes in barns? Cute animals! This really adorable set of loveable farm animals includes a cow, a calf, a piglet, a sheep dog with a moveable head, and a sheep with removable wool. The set goes great with the little red barn and will no doubt provide hours of creative play. As with the barn, these little wooden animals were sustainably made and assembled using certified E-Zero formaldehyde-free glue.

3. Horse Stable and Chicken Coop E004292_A01_A_3

What kid wouldn’t love a pony? This wooden horse stable and chicken coop (look at that cute little chicken!) are an adorable and affordable way to fulfill that wish—with zero poop to clean up! They encourage children to learn more about farm life, a great chance for a conversation with your kids about organic! The play set includes a horse, a foal, and a hen. It’s sustainably made and free of toxic dyes and materials.

Thanks, Santa!


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