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How to Feed Your Friends (Even If You're Broke, Uninspired, or Never Cook)

How to Feed Your Friends (Even If You’re Broke, Uninspired, or Never Cook)

by guest blogger Dana Velden, a Zen priest and author of Finding Yourself in the Kitchen Perhaps the most delightful use of a kitchen is to spend time in it with friends. To prove this, I’m going to insist that you invite three friends over to dinner tonight (or two, if you’re partnered.) Do it […]

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Maria Rodale head shot, Maria Rodale

Why I Won’t Wear Makeup Again…Ever

I was like most girls when I was little (well, almost). I loved getting into my mom’s and sisters’ makeup drawers. I loved playing with Barbie. I even wanted to be a fashion designer. Of course, there was the other side of me—the part that came out typically around my brother: We’d make parachutes and […]

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14 Days of Summer, A Meditation: Day Eight

14 Days of Summer, A Meditation:
Day Eight

Ocean: Rhythms This photo is a shot of the ocean between Bronte and Bondi Beaches in Australia. The whole world has beaches because land around the world is surrounded by oceans, which connect us all through tides, waves, currents, and the sea life within. The ocean can be wonderful or deadly, but that in itself […]

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Sydney vs. Melbourne: It's Like Chalk and Cheese

Sydney vs. Melbourne:
It’s Like Chalk and Cheese

My last day in Sydney was a day of utter perfection. When I finally got to the Icebergs ocean swimming pool on the beach at Bondi, I truly felt like I had reached the destination of my pilgrimage to Australia. Then I took an 11-hour train ride from Sydney to Melbourne. At first, after the gloriousness of Sydney, I was a bit bummed. But as I started walking and exploring, I started to see the deeper side of Melbourne, which is highly creative and artistic.

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A Visit to My Kitchen:Agapi Stassinopoulos

A Visit to My Kitchen:
Agapi Stassinopoulos

Agapi Stassinopoulos, motivational speaker and the author of Unbinding the Heart, stopped by my kitchen today to share with us a few of her favorite things.

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