Blogging from the Trail, Day 2


1:17 pm

We breezed into DC realizing right away it would be a T-shirt festivus. It was too early to check into the hotel; besides, the lobby was in a veritable frenzy from a gay leather convention checking out all at once. We parked our Prius and hit the streets.

In front of the White House they were playing a combination of John Phillip Sousa music and the theme from Monty Python!? I started getting in the mood. Then the mall was filled with people, news media, and T-shirt vendors. I was really getting into the spirit. Especially because there was an organic to-go vendor called On the Fly that had good turkey empanadas.

But we are now in our first setback. We knew we had to pick up tickets at the Longworth House Office Building. We didn’t know thousands of others would be doing that too!

So here we stand. Practicing for tomorrow. It’s going to be very, very interesting.

10:52 pm

Ouch. It’s not even Inauguration Day and my feet feel like bloody stumps. I just excused myself from the Yes We Did party to get into bed…crazy crowd at the party…Linny Fowler?! Her husband said he hoped she had her obituary ready. Mayor Pawlowski, Joyce Marin, and the usual PA Democratic suspects—Ed Rendell, Bob Casey, and Sister Sledge.

My head hurts and I’m going to bed. (At least I had an amazing four-course organic dinner at Restaurant Nora.) Did I mention we stood in line for two hours to get tickets? And then I spilled hot chocolate on them–both sides of both tickets. Yes, they were the commemorative ones. Its a good thing I bought about 20 commemorative T-shirts, earrings, a belt, some tote bags, and decks of cards.

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