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5:45 pm

I’m going to washington!! I have to admit I was reluctant to go—the cold, the crowds, the chaos. But now that we are on the road I’m getting excited. We listened to the big concert on the radio. Most important, we stopped at a Popeyes and I got a large red beans and rice, already the trip is worth it.

Hey, Dave, is Popeyes’ red beans and rice an “eat this” or a “not that”?

9:45 pm

We are staying over in Baltimore so we can get into Washington early tomorrow morning. Our hotel is in the historic Fells Point Historic District. After a nondescript dinner at one of the many pubs (it’s a wharf, after all) we stumbled across an amazing little gelato shop. Pitango Gelato is all organic and grows all its stuff on an organic farm outside of Lancaster, PA! Even though it was a chilly 30 degrees I had to try the rhubarb gelato. Yum! And then I saw they had ground hot peppers to put on the hot chocolate, so I had to try that. Amazing. So if you ever get to Fells Point, stop in to Pitango Gelato at 802 South Broadway. Say hi to Sammie, the lovely young lady who will give you free tastes of any flavor—and who loves sledding.

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