Hitting the Reset Button


by guest blogger Robyn Hessinger, intuitive, medium, Reiki master, and founder of Inspired Guidance

Sometimes we just need a fresh start. Whether it’s in our career, our relationship, or even just our day. When this happens, often the best solution is to hit the reset button.

For example, the other morning I was scheduled to fly from San Francisco to Portland for a conference. The first thing you should know is, despite my given name and despite trying really hard, I am not a morning person. (I recently developed a new theory about this: Robins are early birds; Robyns are night owls. Or at least that’s how I rationalize it.) The second is that I had been debating with myself about whether it was optimal to go to the conference—or on this entire trip at all.

When my alarm clock went off at 5:45 a.m., my internal debate was still going. Go back to bed or get in the shower? In the end, I decided that there was something for me there, something to experience, even if I didn’t yet know what it was. But my indecision and slow start also meant I had way less time to get to the airport than originally planned.

Arriving at a nearly empty gate, I found just about everyone was already on the plane. Which meant that the “early bird” check-in I’d paid extra for when purchasing the ticket no longer mattered. And the coveted aisle seat I’d been aiming for ended up being a very cozy middle seat instead.

I sighed as I buckled my seatbelt and settled in. I hadn’t had coffee or tea or breakfast, but here I was. I’d made the decision to go on this trip, and it would be all good. Then, as we were getting ready to take off, I looked down for the first time and realized my shirt was inside out. Clearly, obviously, inside out. Seriously? I looked around to see if anyone else has noticed. The guy on my left was trying to get comfortable, though airline seats clearly aren’t made for football player-type builds like his. And the woman on my right, in the aisle seat, was already sleeping.

There was no escape. All I could do was laugh—and hit the reset button.

I thought about how I had set the intention when I arrived at the airport that everyone I interacted with was in “his or her highest joy.” (My best friend gave me this tip ages ago, and I use it every time I travel. Seriously, it works!) I thought about how the gate agent, flight attendants, and even the TSA folks were friendly that morning.

I also thought about my “Ask” to the universe, which I use every time I fly (and I used to fly a lot for business, which is how I got so specific on this). I simply ask that whoever sits next to me is 1. Nice 2. Doesn’t smell (either badly or from an abundance of cologne/perfume). Seriously. These are my only Asks, but they are important ones for me. And yet again, the universe had delivered with two very lovely traveling companions on either side of me!

As I thought about these things, the reset was already working. I’d made the flight. Eventually I’d get a cup of coffee. (And then a better cup of coffee when I landed). Eventually I’d be able to go to a restroom and turn my shirt right side out. And eventually, I’d arrive at my destination.

This is only a small example of hitting the reset button. Sometimes it’s after a difficult conversation. Sometimes it’s after a disappointment or a painful experience. Sometimes it’s when we’re being hard on ourselves, either for something we haven’t yet done (that we said we’d do) or something we wish we had done differently (or, wish we hadn’t done at all!).

Resetting is making a conscious decision to alter our mental or emotional state into one of love, gratitude, peace, or calm. Or it can be engaging in an activity that leads to a shift—taking a walk, doing a short meditation, practicing yoga, or getting a brief change of scenery. Other times, it’s being grateful in the moment for the things that are going well. Doing so can cause our attitude, perspective, or outlook to shift. Our mood can shift. The rest of our day, week, or month, or even life can shift.

Sometimes, all it takes to have a different experience is to hit the reset button.

Robyn HessingerRobyn Hessinger an intuitive (psychic), a medium (messenger for those in the spirit world), and a healer (energetic, spiritual, and physical). After nearly 20 years in the corporate world, most recently as editor-in-chief for a large Internet company, Robyn stepped out of the metaphysical closet and into the world to be of service to others. You can find her at inspiredguidance.com



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