Maria’s Five Favorites: Holiday Hostess Gifts

Holiday Hostess Gifts

October has come and gone, which means prep is starting to ramp up for the November and December holidays. The good news is there is so much to enjoy this time of year—especially the moments you’ll spend with love ones around a table. The not-so-good news is there is a lot to get done between now and the new year.

But no matter what’s on your plate this season, a holiday hostess has 10 times more items to check off her to-do list—which is why I always recommend bringing a hostess gift to express your gratitude. And that includes when you are the hostess yourself! Sometimes you just need to say thanks to yourself for all your hard work…

So, in honor of the oft-harried holiday hostess, here are my favorite earth-friendly hostess gifts:

1. Reusable Wooden Pie Box. Put a pie in it! Bring something yummy for the whole party to enjoy, then leave this handcrafted pie box as a sweet and special gift your hostess will never forget.


2. Organic Holiday Gift Soaps Set. Give your hostess the gift of pure, relaxing indulgence. This set of organic soaps features deliciously warming scents reminiscent of all your winter favorites, such as chai tea lattes, pumpkin spice, and hot toddies.


3. Organic Gemstone-Infused Massage Oil. These handmade therapeutic massage oils smell amazing, but more importantly, they can positively influence your mind and spirit…which make them just the things to help your hostess find her happy place. A bottle or two makes a perfect gift for those hosting large groups over several days—or anyone who’s going to need a few days to unwind and recharge after the holidays.


4. Mini Beeswax Pine Cone Candles Set. These wee cones make wonderful hostess gifts or dinner party decorations. Each one is hand poured and individually finished, and made from 100 percent beeswax.


5. Novelty Market to Table Tea Towel. This charming towel was inspired by antique English tea towels, which were made from pure linen to avoid surface lint when drying delicate china or glassware. As the perfect marriage of old and new, this towel makes a timeless gift for the vintage-loving hostess.


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