My Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Songs

Ok, I know there is going to be debate about this or disagreement so let me say up front this is MY list, based on MY life and I’d love to hear your lists!

  1. Thunder Road – This is strictly an imprinting thing. It’s the song I first remember hearing deeply in my soul and I remember exactly when and where I heard it. I was walking across the lawn at boarding school and I heard it blasting from the open window of the cool, handsome English teacher’s apartment who all the girls were in love with. The screen door slams. Mary’s Dress waves. There are further memories tied to this song, but this was the first that grabbed me and never let me go.
  2. One Step Up – The song that followed the worst break up of my life. Must be listened to at least once while watching the video. Remember when MTV played videos? Yeah, back then.
  3. Drive All Night – I can’t tell you why this is a favorite. It’s a secret. Suffice it to say I only discovered it recently and it makes me very, very happy to hear it.
  4. 4th of July (Sandy) – Before Kenny Chesney was even born (I think) this song epitomized summertime to me. I have to listen to it at least once every summer. Kenny, how old are you?!
  5. Working on a Dream – A fairly recent favorite, it’s gotten me through some very, very tough times – both work and personal.
  6. Happy – So sweet and personal. It can be depressing to listen to when one is not happy – but it captures the simple essence of what happiness truly is.
  7. This LifeThis life, this life and then the next. I finger the hem of your dress. The Universe at rest. This SLAYS me.
  8. The Fever – If ever there was a song that captures desire – hot, longing, urgent, burning desire this is it. That’s all I’m sayin.
  9. Rocky Ground – This song is so fun to sing along to (and easy, too). Me and my five year old sing to it together. We stop whatever we are doing and run to each other and sing along and it’s a generational transfer of love and religion and faith and joy.
  10. Land of Hope and Dreams – While I have heard some people say this is a song about death (boo!) I think it’s a song about the hopefulness of life – the way life SHOULD be and WILL be once we get over all our stupidity and act like the wonderful humans we were meant to be.

Songs that didn’t make the list but easily could have: Incident on 57th Street, New York City Serenade (No she won’t take the train!), What Love Can Do, Maria’s Bed (why the hell not!), Real Man, Someday We’ll Be Together, Worlds Apart, Back in Your Arms, Trapped…I could go on and on.

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7 Responses to My Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Songs

  1. Karen May 7, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    Thunder road.. Yes! Memories of days at Moravian collge!

  2. Karen May 7, 2012 at 10:43 am #

    Oh I for got to say.. My dentist also loves Bruce.. If you need something done he will play anything you need on request!

  3. Paula May 7, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    This list belies my formative Bruce years (late 70´s and 80`s) and it was tough to leave some out. No. 11 (actually not 11, but the best of the best) is “This Land is Your Land”. This version kills me:

    (Remaining) Bruce Top 10:
    Cadillac Ranch
    Hungry Heart
    Rosalita (Come out tonight)
    My Hometown
    All that Heaven Will Allow
    Walk Like a Man
    Glory Days
    Save the Last Dance for Me
    Two Faces
    Valentines Day

  4. Judi Hendricks May 7, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    The River…for the story it tells.

  5. renee May 8, 2012 at 7:57 am #

    The list is unending, right? No Surrender: “We’re ready to grow young again.” For You: “That medal you wore on your chest always got in the way…we were both hitchhikers on an alien distant shore.” Candy’s Room: “There’s a sadness, hidden in that pretty face; a sadness all her own.” For pure story-telling: Meeting Across the River. I absolutely see those guys, don’t you? I have to stop and get to work now. And yes, NYC Serenade is one of the most beautiful melodies and arrangements of rock music of all time. But I pose this question:
    WHY no one has ever produced a show – a la Billy Joel and Movin’ Out – that showcases Bruce’s poetic, evocative, picturesque songs in one amazing production is beyond me.

  6. Jimmy June 3, 2012 at 8:44 am #

    I love your list. Seen bruce 150 times and if there was a show where he performed all of these songs it would be my greatest concert!! Thanks!

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