Natural Products Expo West, Day 1

1:21 pm (Pacific Time)

I’m on my way to Anaheim, CA, for Natural Products Expo West. While changing planes in Phoenix, I was starving, since there was no food on the 5-hour flight from Philadelphia. One man was so incensed that he yelled at the flight attendant, who responded by saying: “Sir, we are a transportation company, not a restaurant.” Anyway, after we landed I wolfed down a black-bean-and-cheese burrito in 3 minutes, and it actually tasted pretty good. Next flight leaves in a few minutes.

I am flying into John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana instead of Los Angeles, because L.A. always gives me a headache. Literally.

Anyway, will be reporting and blogging from the Expo—which, last time I checked (about 6 years ago), was a giant orgy of healthiness. I’m looking forward to sampling all the new foods. I’ll tell you all about it! Good, bad, too healthy, or not healthy enough—this will be truth in blogging.

See y’all later!

5:21 pm (Pacific Time)

I forgot how bright it is in California. I kind of feel like Punxatawny Phil (the groundhog), who just came out of his hole, saw his shadow, and decided to go back in for another 6 weeks. This much sun makes my eyeballs hurt—you have to understand, when I left my house at 6 this morning, a pipe in the basement had burst overnight because it was so cold.

OK. True confessions. I’m not staying in Anaheim, I’m staying at the beach. It seems criminal to travel this far and not see the ocean, even if just for a little while. So I went for a walk. There were surfers in wet suits. Perky, happy, tan people walking briskly. I got oil on the bottom of my feet. Ahhh, California. I must admit, the air really does smell sweet.

I’ve got to stay up later than usual for a business dinner at Sage at Newport Beach. But once again, I’m starving. I’ll let you know how it goes.

10:46 pm (Pacific Time)

Well, the restaurant was yummy and the company even yummier. I really love all the people in this “industry.” It reminds me that the emotional reward for doing the right thing is more valuable than the financial rewards. Although the financial rewards do pay for dinner, and this lovely bed which I am about to collapse into.

Thus ends a very long day…but what I really want to know is…what happened on American Idol tonight????

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