Natural Products Expo West, Day 2

7:53 am (Pacific Time)

Oh my gosh, I’m more excited than I thought I would be. The hall isn’t open yet, but in the lobby there is an exhibit of new products, and I can’t wait to try all of them!

Here’s a brief list:

To-Go Ware stainless steel food containers.

Kiss My Face lip gloss.

Amy’s Organic chocolate cakes.

Smoked organic paprika.

And all my favorite brands have new stuff.

It’s going to be an exciting day.

8:30 am (Pacific Time)

From the Natural Marketing Institute presentation:

Top theme: Recalibration (as Madame Secretary said on the radio this morning about international relations, “We are hitting the reset button”)

Top trends:

1. Small steps, big changes.

2. From isolation to affiliation.

3. Being here. Now. (I am!!!)

4. LOHAS 360–This means people are finally making the connection between healthy living and a health planet…just like!

5. Clean sweep (getting rid of anything toxic).

6. Not so alternative (finally, these ideas are going mainstream).

7. Root causes–People are starting to ask why, and look at supply chains.

8. Beauty shop–Natural beauty at any age.

9. Energy 2.0–Looking for new sources, both personal and planetary.

10. Heirlooms–Buying high-value, long lasting items instead of throwaway, disposable crap.

10:47 am (Pacific Time)

OK, it’s crazy! I am in heaven. Such amazing new products. But I don’t recommend the baked veggie fries for kids. Sorry!

The hardest part is managing the food sampling, so you don’t get sick going back and forth from sweet to savory.

12:36 pm (Pacific Time)

OK, my stomach is starting to hurt. But the Humbles (baked hummus chips) were yummy. As were the avocado oil potato chips–all by Good Health Natural Foods. And the cinnamon-filled pretzels by Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels might have put me over the edge. Yummy!

My bag is getting heavy and my feet hurt, but I think I’ve only seen half of the show, or less. I’m not stopping until I have seen it all.

12:49 pm (Pacific Time)

I can’t believe I just discovered a whole other floor!

4:56 pm (Pacific Time)

In general I don’t get overexcited when I meet celebrities–I know how to play it cool. But today I lost it when I met Paula Abdul. I made her talk to my daughter Maya on the phone–Maya who at age 6 knew every dance move to “Straight Up Now Baby.” I think I accidentally kissed her on the neck when she hugged me goodbye. She is lovely, gracious, and my height, but probably a third of my weight. And of course we talked about American Idol. Anyway, it got me totally overexcited and flushed. David Kang took pictures:

Paula Abdul and me!

Paula Abdul and me!

Anyway, it’s 5 pm on the West Coast, and I only just made it to the organic section of the expo. Highlight: Strauss Creamery organic soft frozen yogurt! (Just one of many reasons that I weigh a lot more than Paula). I realize now I am not going to see everything, and I am bummed. Next year I will stay longer.

Still have an hour left, and then the big party tonight. Who knows what else will happen?!

Saturday, March 7

8:30 am (Pacific Time)

Well, I’m at the airport to go home, and I have a long day of carbon-footprint travel ahead. Was it worth it? I think so. I saw so many old friends and made some new ones too. Of course I told everyone about and my new blog. And I was relieved to see that the natural products industry is thriving and optimistic–even in these depressing times.

But it will be good to get home to my family. California is sunny and beautiful, but six-lane highways are exhausting to drive on.

By the way, the party last night was fun, and they raised a lot of good money for organic research. My favorite line was from Marilu Henner, when she told people to stop complaining about the high price of organics because bad health is a lot more expensive.

All in all, a very good trip.

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  1. Regis Zweigart March 8, 2009 at 5:13 pm #

    Wish I could have been there, did you have a chance to get to the Frontier Natural Products Booths 3532 & 3618 Hall D. They just introduced New Organic Spaghetti Sauce Mixes. They are awesome. I sampled them for the first time this week yumi !!!!!!!!!!



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