Salt Potatoes: A Summer Classic! + Newsletter Giveaway

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I first heard of salt potatoes when I was at the Oatka Festival in LeRoy, New York. There was a stand selling them. They are traditionally served with Beef on Wick—which is a sliced roast beef sandwich served on a “kimmelweck” roll that has salt and caraway seeds on top. The Oatka festival is your typical tiny town summer festival, and salt potatoes are one of the big draws. I had never heard of them. But then I tried them, and realized they are the perfect accompaniment to almost any summer meal. And they’re so easy to make! And my kids devour them! The truth is they call the dish salt potatoes, but the secret is butter and lots of it.  The other truth is that homemade is so much better because a) the food is organic and b) the butter is real!!!!

Salt potatoes are awesome with beef, barbecued chicken, fish, ribs, and anything on the grill! Or, as Eve eats them, just by themselves. This recipe is so easy it’s going to be a short post, but sometimes that’s all you need to get a recipe across. This is that kind of recipe!

Salt Potatoes




Butter (LOTS!)

Fresh parsley (optional)


1. Clean the potatoes; peel if they have thick crusty skins, leave the peels on if they are tender. Cut the potatoes into pieces (depending on the size of the potato—you want the pieces to be half the size of a golf ball—but there is no right or wrong here, it’s just that bigger pieces have less chance to absorb the butter and salt!).

2. Boil in water for about 15 minutes, or until soft but not mushy (the general rule is they are done when you can stick a fork or knife in and they feel soft).

3. Drain the water and add salt and LOTS of butter.

4. Add chopped parsley if you like.


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6 Responses to Salt Potatoes: A Summer Classic! + Newsletter Giveaway

  1. JN July 1, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    This recipe sounds delicious.
    I wanted to comment that I would like to enter the Rodale’s contests but for privacy and security reasons, I do not like to give out my date of birth. Is there some way to enter without giving this piece of information? Thanks!

  2. Deb Cannon July 1, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    Love this, but we call it unmashed potatoes!

  3. Dana from Maria's Kitchen July 1, 2011 at 10:35 am #

    Hi JN- For legal purposes we do need you to include your date of birth when sending in your email entry to the contest. I can assure you as Rodale has handled numerous giveaways in the past- our process in handling this sensitive information is very secure!

    – Dana from Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen

  4. Donna Zacharias July 1, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    This was scumpulous!!!!!:)
    Another way to fix potatoes is with the new red pototoes. I pick out the tiny. Scrub let dry. Heat up your grease in skillet or deep fryer to 350%. Drop in the potatoes. When they start floating. They are done. Salt and eat. Skin and all. My Grandma Eva Myers got me hooked on these when I was a kid. We all still love them

  5. Patty July 3, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Hi Maria,
    We love this recipe too. We have always called it parsley buttered potatoes. You are right, the simpler the better, let the food be tasted and enjoyed for itself.

  6. Sonny Honsickle July 5, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    In Syracuse, where i once lived and breathed, they actually sold salt potato kits in the grocery store. It consisted of a bag of new potatoes (ping pong ball sized) with a little bag of salt stapled to the side! It was BYOB (bring your own butter). We always put the salt in the water as it was boiling, then just slathered the butter on afterward. Could add a little olive oil and cut back on the butter if you are working on your beach body this summer. To my Syracuse friends, Let’s Go Orange!

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