Finding Gratitude in Hard Times

Finding Gratitue in Hard Times

Sometimes life seems overwhelming and hard. Terrorist attacks, economic woes, personal problems—you name it, we all have our list of trials and tribulations. It’s in these difficult moments that it’s hardest to feel grateful. But it’s also in these moments that feeling grateful is most important.

For me, it has been a challenging few months. The magazine industry is rocky, to say the least. The advertising end of the business is trying to find answers about how best to reach people and measure results without annoying them. And people (yes, you!) are struggling to figure out what media they can trust anymore—or even if it’s worth paying attention at all because, after all, between terrorism and this likely being the hottest year on recordagain—(climate change), paying attention is just plain depressing.

During times like these, it would be easy to feel angry, frustrated, and just plain defeated. And I think sometimes people wonder why I don’t seem that way. Why am I still laughing and smiling when the world seems to be crumbling?

Because I feel grateful for the things I do have:

Family. Nature (which is so very, very generous and is begging for our help). A very interesting and challenging job that enables me to tap into every ounce of everything I’ve ever learned. A warm home and good organic food.

I may have more than others, but believe me, I am grateful for everything I have—including the challenges that make me stronger.

Every night before I go to sleep, I take a moment and think about all the things for which I am grateful for. And if I start to doubt or worry, I stop and say to myself: Wait a minute. Pay attention. In this moment, right here, right now, I am grateful for what is. What is now. What is in this moment. I don’t worry about what might be. Or worry about what was. I just take a moment and feel grateful for what is right now.

One step. Small steps. Grateful steps that move forward into a future that we create together, with gratitude.

And right now, in this moment, I am grateful to you.

Oh, and coffee. I’m grateful for coffee. Especially now that yet another study shows it’s good for my health.

Thank you.


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2 Responses to Finding Gratitude in Hard Times

  1. Donna in Delaware November 27, 2015 at 12:47 pm #

    All too often we forget that TODAY is all that we have. I am grateful just to wake up in the morning in good health. Anything, and almost everything else I can deal with after that! Of course I am grateful for family, friends (like you Maria) and other things, but I am grateful for every breath that I take, and life in abundance. Who knows, tomorrow we could lose everything in one fell swoop! Stay thoughtful and grateful everyone. We may not have everything that we want, but I am sure most of us have everything that we need.

  2. Inside the Postcard December 16, 2015 at 4:19 pm #

    Lovely candid post. Appreciate the honesty about struggling with gratitude. I struggle with it too at times, and trying to connect more with the moment.

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