May’s Float of the Month: Coffee!

I’ve been a little obsessed by ice cream floats lately. They are thirst-quenching and dessert-quenching at the same time. I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of floats, so I’m going to share a new one each month—they’re seasonal, of course.

First comes a coffee float. I invented this one on a hot Saturday afternoon in May when I needed my afternoon pick-me-up but didn’t feel like having a hot cup. And I wanted more than my usual black, bitter brew.

So I took the leftover coffee from the morning pot (I use Brown and Jenkins Organic Peruvian) and poured it into a tall cup filled with ice, and then plopped in a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My favorite vanilla ice cream is Julie’s Organic. (The same company makes Alden’s organic. All good!)

Of course, then you have to use a straw. I found good, old-fashioned paper straws at Ted’s Montana Grill in Manhattan. I ordered a big box and use them all the time. They’re called Aardvark. They’re compostable and biodegradable, unlike plastic straws.

After a morning of sweating in the garden and cleaning up around the yard, the truth is I needed two of these.


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10 Responses to May’s Float of the Month: Coffee!

  1. Bill George says:

    Alright, I’m in! My two favorite things–coffee and ice cream. Thanks for giving me permission to do this, Maria.

  2. Sue says:

    I’m already a fan of iced coffee (coffee, ice, and lots of milk), and this just takes it one delicious step further to make it special. Great idea, Maria!

  3. Shelbi says:

    I absolutely love espresso floats over cinnamon ice cream!!! Delicious!

  4. Donna in Delaware says:

    Been doing this for years. Especially during the summer after working in the garden or have it for dessert on the deck after dinner on a summer’s eve, or serve it to guests after a light dinner on the deck. I brew espresso coffee cold, in the frig for 24 hours, then buy a good vanilla or vanilla bean ice cream and drop two to three scoops in a tall glass (depending on the size of the scoop) you don’t even need ice, put in a straw and go to town, I even a long handle spoon if served in a tall glass. I usually use a tall beer glass or tall cocktail glass. Delicious! Sometimes I use chocolate ice cream or a mixture of choc and vanilla, I’ll even use black walnut ice cream. Experiment!

  5. Willa says:

    I first had an iced coffee in the south of France (as they call it there). At that cafe, they poured hot coffee over the vanilla ice cream — it allows the ice cream to melt and really incorporate into the coffee. But, like anything, the ingredients need to be of the best quality to ensure a great tasting treat!!

  6. Donna in Delaware says:

    Ditto! The highest quality ingredients on the market makes the best tasting iced coffee and it must be prepared properly. I too have added ice cream to hot expresso using European ingredients and Swiss ice cream which I could get when I lived in Canada. Excellent. The next best thing would be Haagen Dasz and a good Italian roast coffee from Italy.

  7. Amanda says:

    Mmmm, Maria! And, hello, Shelbi–you are speaking my language!

  8. Cyndie says:

    Two thumbs up! I might just have one right now!

  9. Rog.popaspepprsnatur;ly says:

    There is another way to have your coffee and I C. too, there is a coffee ice crean, has real coffee grounds in the mix! mmmmm.. good. Years ago I had the occasion to offer a trade student from Puerto Rico, a coffee, we had instant and hot water in house. The dispenser put one teaspoon of coffee(instant) into a plastic cup, when u pulled the handle.The young man said he would accept but he wanted to fill his cup himself.. this was a self- service so, no objections. I watched as he pulled the handle twice , then just filled the cup with just enough water to make it liquid! I ASKED WOW! ISN’T THAT STRONG? He then exclaimed that we in Nebr. drank too much coffee! Here every where he stopped the coffee pot was on and every one took a cup. I laughed when he said that, exclaiming, NO WE JUST DRINK TOO MUCH WATER IN OUR CUPS..!!!!! TRUE STORY…..

  10. Audrey says:

    Yum! I think I’ll try this with espresso rather than drip coffee. (I’m newly obsessed with my stovetop espresso pot – who knew you could make espresso with a $20 pot rather than a $300 computerized pod contraption?)

    Learn how at

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