#OneSmallStep to Pure & Natural Personal Care

Safer Personal Care

by guest blogger Amanda Harding, copywriter at Rodale’s

It’s time to get personal.

Removing all the toxic products from your life can be a daunting task. From the kitchen to the closet—and everywhere in between—it’s a huge undertaking. So today, rather than focus on the big picture, we’re focusing on taking #OneSmallStep in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already well into your green living journey or you’ve just been considering it and haven’t yet taken action. Start where you are right now. And no matter how slow or how small those steps, eventually they’ll add up to something BIG.

Want to join us? Here are a few suggestions of small steps to help get you started toward a pure and natural, nontoxic personal care regimen.

Switch to Organic Underthings

What you wear underneath your clothing is so important! It represents the first point of contact with your skin, your body’s largest organ. All of the bras and underwear found at Rodale’s are made with organic cotton or other sustainable materials, such as rayon made from bamboo, and the entire collection also has some important things in common: comfort, style, and durability.

Organic cotton is naturally soft, and it requires no artificial processes to achieve that lived-in feel that makes it seem like a second skin. But more important, organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides that could be transferred into your bloodstream through your pores. Yuck! So always choose undergarments made from natural and organic fibers, such as the pretty options from Only Hearts, Katastrophic, Blue Canoe, and PACT.

Switch to Safer Moisturizers

When it comes to keeping your skin well hydrated, simple is actually better. Look for moisturizers with fewer and only high-quality ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and pure botanicals and essential oils. Nourishing organic ingredients target dry skin, penetrating deeply to soothe and moisturize—plus they are recommended for all skin types (even sensitive).

Plants with natural moisturizing properties work more efficiently than chemicals masquerading as moisturizers, and they work in tandem with your body rather than against it. We love this Organic Vanilla Bean Lotion Bar, which contains just eight simple ingredients and will fully hydrate your skin after you shower or bathe.

Switch to Nontoxic Intimate Care

Yes, even your love life can benefit from a few organic upgrades. This Organic Personal Lubricant is made with 95 percent organic ingredients and contains no glycerin or parabens, plus it features a fresh, light infusion of lemon and vanilla. And if you’re one of the many women who suffer from dryness, this Organic Feminine Moisturizing Balm has a combination of skin-nourishing USDA-certified-organic ingredients that help moisturize, rejuvenate, heal, and protect sensitive tissue. Finally, our single-use Organic Personal Lubricant Packets are ideal for travel and pack neatly and discreetly into your toiletry kit.

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