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by guest blogger Amanda Harding, copywriter at Rodale’s

Surely by now you know the many benefits of coconut oil. From pure, natural moisturizing to makeup removal and healthier cooking, it really is the ultimate multitasker. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll quickly discover that some coconut oils are made differently than others, and the way the oil is processed can have a huge impact on your coconut oil’s effectiveness.

When shopping for a high-quality coconut oil, you’ll first want to make sure that your selection is organic and, therefore, free from toxic chemicals. Here’s one thing to keep in mind, though—just because it’s organic doesn’t necessarily mean it was made with fresh coconuts. In fact, certifying agencies make no distinction between coconut oil made with fresh coconut and those made from dried coconut flakes.

Second, there are three different ways to extract the oil from the coconut: cold pressing, expeller pressing, and fresh pressing. Cold-pressed coconut oil is the most common product on the market and is made from coconut flakes dried with heat. The heating reduces the antioxidant and lauric acid levels in the oil but produces a strong smell and flavor. While it’s the least expensive option, the resulting product is not as pure or effective.

Expeller pressing uses dried coconut flakes, as well, and creates a liquid that is 90 percent oil and 10 percent water. Heat is then used to extract the remaining water from the liquid. As with cold pressing, this method depletes important nutrients and antioxidants and leaves behind a slightly less pungent but still noticeable smell and flavor.

The best coconut oil extraction method—the one Cocovít employs—uses no heat whatsoever. Cocovít coconut oil is made from freshly pressed coconut milk that has been chilled and separated using a proprietary tool. Cocovít does not use any chemicals before, during, or after the pressing process, and presses all coconuts with 24 hours of their being picked from the tree. Because it has not undergone heat processing, Cocovít’s coconut oil is considered 100 percent raw and retains all of the nutrients, enzymes, lauric acid (a healthy saturated fat), and antioxidants that deliver real beauty and health benefits. It also has a very light and refreshing coconut scent.

Cocovít coconut oil is 100 percent certified organic, virgin coconut oil harvested in South India. The oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, and is also free from parabens, GMO ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives. As an added bonus, brand founder Rikita Kapadia has an abiding commitment to sustainability and fair labor practices. Cocovít helps provide jobs to families previously living below the poverty line by employing them at Kapadia’s eco-farm in South India.

You can use your Cocovít coconut oil for just about everything: For instance, it helps to moisturize your face and body, prevents wrinkles, reduces the appearance of fine lines, soothes chapped lips, softens heels and cuticles, boosts hair and scalp health, repairs damaged hair, conditions your hair, reduces dandruff, improves oral health, stops bug bites from itching, aids with digestion, reduces scarring from minor burns, eliminates headaches, boosts energy, wards off infections, relieves sunburn, assists in weight loss, soothes diaper rash, heals cracked nipples from breastfeeding, fades stretch marks, gets rid of cradle cap, conditions your newborn’s skin, and more. Whew! That’s a whole lot of benefits for one simple product.

And if you want to experience even more Cocovít goodness, be sure to check out the company’s Coconut Charcoal Face Mask, which gently draws out toxins and impurities, helping to heal and hydrate your skin. The Orange + Basil Lip Balm soothes and conditions lips, and is just perfect for those endlessly long and dry winter months. Both of these offerings contain a generous amount of Cocovít’s signature fresh-pressed coconut oil.


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