Maria’s 5 Favorites: Easter for Everyone!

Easter for Everyone

Easter is on its way, and I’m dreaming about the ham we’re going to eat and the candy we’re going to make. I’m also thinking about Easter baskets—not just for the kids, but for everyone!

Here are my favorite Easter basket picks:

1. Handcrafted Trug Garden Basket. You can’t have an Easter basket without an actual basket. Forget the cheap plastic/toxic ones you get at the pharmacy or big-box stores. This beautiful handcrafted basket has a purpose in the garden and the farmer’s market long after Easter is over. Its functional yet beautiful design looks elegant on a table or countertop—or filled with organic candy!


2. Eco-Eggs Natural Egg Coloring Kit. It’s not Easter until you dye some eggs. It’s wholesome, organic fun for the whole family! Participate in the time-honored tradition (but without the toxic chemicals) with this natural coloring kit.


3. Basic Nest Box. Give the birds a little Easter treat with this easy-to-clean nest box designed with the aim of encouraging wildlife to not only visit, but also make a home in your backyard. Plus, it lovely design means it looks great presented in a basket!


4. Mason Jar Herb Planter. Available in your choice of four pretty spring-color jars, these self-watering herb kits are simple to use, self-sustaining, and stylish. They make a great addition to any Easter basket, and in just two to three months, your family will be enjoying fresh, organic herbs perfect for summer cooking!


5. Resurrection Bath Treatment. Round out your basket and end Easter weekend with this deeply stimulating bath, which helps to unburden the body from toxins, be they environmental irritants, technological pollution, or those from overindulgence.


Fill in the rest with organic candy, a couple of coloring books, and maybe even an adorable plush toy, and you’ve got yourself an Easter basket for everyone!

Happy Easter!


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2 Responses to Maria’s 5 Favorites: Easter for Everyone!

  1. Alice Green March 28, 2015 at 10:41 am #

    A very Happy Easter and Spring to everyone at Rodale. I don’t know all your names, but if all of you are like the Maria R. and Maria Luci and the others who I’ve met here – I love you all and want the best for all of you and your families!!

  2. Donna in Delaware March 29, 2015 at 1:14 pm #

    Aww, they are sooo cute! A VERY HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOURS MARIA, and everyone at RODALES! Enjoy your feast!

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