Maria’s Five Favorites: It’s Picnic Time Again!

Ecofriendly Picnic Essentials

It’s a bright, warm, sunny day where I am—just how I like it! I suggest we all celebrate the beauty of spring and summer this year by breaking out the picnic blankets and enjoying some good old-fashioned fun in the sun…

To help get your started, here are my five favorite earth-friendly picnic picks:

1. Hand Woven Picnic Basket. You can’t have a proper picnic without a proper picnic basket. And this handwoven, made-in-the-USA basket is just the right size for a picnic for two.


2. Hand Woven Pie Basket. Speaking of baskets, here’s a new twist on the ever-popular pie basket. This handwoven piece comes with a beautiful pie tray, so you can easily stack two pies or two small cakes inside. With two sturdy swing handles and a solid-wood lid, this basket will stand the test of time. Use it not only for picnics but also for potlucks, family gatherings, and more.


3. Hand Woven Muffin Tote Basket. If pies aren’t your thing, fill and bring this gorgeous handmade muffin basket instead. It’s perfect for picnics and holiday gatherings that require a “bake and take” solution for your muffins or cupcakes.


4. Furoshiki Kitchen Cloth. The ultimate kitchen (or picnic!) chameleon, this simple square piece of cloth transforms into a bistro apron, a carrier for casseroles or pies, a grocery bag, a wrap for wine or baguettes, a cloth to lay items down on on top of the grass, and so much more. Keep one close by—you never know when it might come in handy.


5. Outdoors Enamelware 4-Person Camp Set. Once you have everything toted safely in your picnic basket, you’re going to need some utensils. That’s where this 15-piece, 4-person table setting comes in handy. The set is perfect for picnics or camping, especially because the dishes are made with ultra-durable three-ply heavy-gauge steel, which promotes better heat distribution for even cooking.


Happy picnicking!


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